High Country Two Tenths

Chuckanut Feng Shui x
Marionvale Rani

Bred by: Susan Crocker

DOB: 11/15/08

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Stop staring! LOLOL!! luv u, -- Ches Wilkers

Drawn to Comrade Kit's program of education by an ad in a small radical newspaper that she found wedged into a drafty window in Chechnya, Two was surprised to find there were no minority viewpoints represented at the College. Actively recruited by an admissions program compelled by threats of funding cuts on the state and federal levels to broaden the scope of the school, Two has made the campus her home.

After getting into some youthful scrapes with young Sticker and most notably, the tragic and most unfortunate attacks upon the hallowed college geese, Two has settled into her studies with a passion. Willing to work anything that comes her way, from cows to sheep to ducks to geese to moths, Two sets a bright example for all future generations of students and her modest and kindly demeanor prevents anyone from hating her for this.

SUPERLATIVE: Voted Least Likely to bite inappropriately, Two occasionally bursts out and proves the cynics wrong.

I can't believe you made me take the fall for those geese! Everyone knows you were there too! And totally helped me! -- Sticky

A+ again, dear Two, keep up the good work! -- Comrade Kit


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