Psycht's Temper the Wind at WayOut

Ch. Bendigo Black Sheep, HXAs,d, HSAc x
WayOut's Fox in Speckled Socks, CDX, RN

BRED BY: Ingrid Rosenquist

DOB 8/23/11


BAER Normal

prcd Obligate pattern B, carrier


Week 8
I leave Montana and travel to Kentucky where I am lodged in an orphanage. I meet a friend named Sticky. She tells me I am an orphan and I was sent here because no one else wanted me. I am sad. I did not know I was an orphan.

Week 9
It turns out Sticky is a liar and a punk and I am not an orphan and this is not an orphanage but the University run by my Grandmother Kit, She Who Rules. I think I might rule too, we'll see. My dad is here too and he is the best! Everyone is really nice except Cousin Sticky and that strange red kelpie dog. I think they are jealous of my brilliance. I am sure they will love me soon.

Week 12
I just met the neighbors! They are quite large. I have discussed with them an exercise plan where I run after them and bark and they stop eating grass and run and lose weight but they did not take to it. Once I figure out a way around this fence, they will not be able to ignore me any longer.

Week 13
I have grown large enough to jump on the sofa and if I get a good running start, I can jump onto a chair and then onto the dining table. This would be incredibly great except the human discovered me there and was displeased. Next time, I will be sneakier.

Week 14
It rains a lot. Sticky is still a liar and a punk. She tried to drown me in a puddle. I am sure she will love me soon.



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