WayOut's Dancing Barefoot

Ch. WayOut's Piping Hot, HSAs, STDs,d x
Bendigo A Speck Naughty

BRED BY: Rebecca Elder

DOB 5/28/09


PRCD pattern B, carrier
BAER normal
Full Dentition
PennHIP: Left 0.43/Right 0.38
OFA: Hips Good
OFA: Elbows Normal


Honk, honk! Look, there's a goose! hahahahahahaha!!!  -- Lark

Sticker or, to go with her full name, Sticky Pez Tatonka Foxy Lady (said with accompaniment of a ritualistic dance), was born under a bad sign. Neither red nor pattern A, yet she was the only girl in her litter of six so she was admitted into Comrade Kit's College. Although both her parents are as outgoing as can be, Sticky prefers to remain close to home and dislikes parties, strangers and dogs without tails. Although she claims that rumors of her unfriendliness are grossly overrated and she has been known to accept treats from strangers and even to jump onto the occasional lap, she is considered the oddball on a campus full of socially forward dogs.

Good work on the head and heel biting! I'm proud of you!  love, Pipey

Sticky has only just begun her studies and has won praise from Comrade Kit for her innate distrust of government and bourgeois materialists. Sadly, she received failing marks in Intro to Goose Herding 101 and will be forced to repeat the class at a later date. She did receive full credit for her bitework, however.

Miss you! But not as much as I would if you were red like me!!! love, Briar





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