WayOut's I'm A Shmoo Too


Ch. Bendigo Black Sheep, HXAs,d, HSAc x
Ch. WayOut's Hold The Matchless, HSAs, QW

BRED BY: Rebecca Elder

DOB 9/18/09


PRCD obligate pattern B
BAER normal
Dentition: Missing three
PennHIP: Left 0.55/Right 0.55
OFA: Hips Fair
OFA: Elbows Normal


My precious boy, don't forget to wash behind your ears!! xoxo, your mama Gussie

Steal combines the adorable charm of his father, Shmoo, with the adorable charm of his mother, Gussie, and somehow mixes them up into one charmingly obnoxious puppy. His favorite perch is the back of the sofa from whence he may drop marrow bones crashing down to the floor or perhaps perch it, instead, on top of the human's head and maybe wander off leaving it there for safekeeping.

If you do one more fly-by ankle biting, I will seriously remove one of your dirty ears! -- Two

Steal delights in youthful hijinks and has a voice that will shatter glass. He hopes, one day, to perform as a counter-tenor in a dramatic production. Meanwhile, he studies deportment and dabbles in Sheep 101 while looking forward to the day when he has completed the prerequisites and is able to take Cow 101.

Punk! Here's a buck, go bug someone else. -- Grandpa Slate

Steal 10 months


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