It was a cold and snowy night, poor Comrade Kit knew her time was nigh and searched high and low across the bitterly cold steppes for a safe place to have her puppies. Eschewing all luxuries, she wished to raise her puppies in Spartan simplicity to harden their souls and bodies for the rigors of life as Revolutionaries -- always working toward a Bold New Vision of World Domination.

Finally exhausted far beyond her meager strength, she settled for throwing together a roughly built igloo made of cold snow near a dirty wooden box full of splinters that would serve as her laying-in chamber. There, she stoically panted and pushed, without benefit of any nurse or blanket, till four squeaking young revolutionaries lay with her:  Sputnik, Plug (so called for the heroic efforts needed to shove this big boy out into the universe to which he showed a great aversion), Frost, the lone girl, and Tadpole. Scrubbing them dry with a handful of splinters and ice and refreshing herself only with a sip of muddy water, she settled in with her brood as the blizzard roared outside her igloo.

March 4, 2008

Sputnik plans on staying nearby and will always be on call to assist his mother in her plans.  His registered name will be WayOut's Goodnight Moon.

Tadpole will be staying to help his mother and older sisters Gussie and Caboose.  Comrade Kit feels he may almost have the serious mentality needed to work at the WayOut Headquarters even though he is a boy and likely to be a goober.

His new name will be WayOut's Grin Without A Cat and he will be known as Cheshire.

Plug will be marching out to join his older brother Celt and his army of sled dogs and will work to solidify control over the northeastern region.

He will be known as WayOut's Wild Thing.

Frost will be heading out next weekend and she will strive to continue her Uncle Finn's work in furthering the Revolution in Montana.

She has chosen to call herself WayOut's Fox In Speckled Socks. (Update: Frost is now -- 2010 -- Wayout's Fox in Speckled Socks, CDX, RN, HIC.)

February 27, 2008

Babysitter of the year, Shmoo, the Blessing Wherever He Goes, has arrived to assist in childcare duties at the WayOut commune in outer Siberia.

He checks the babies' diapers and takes them out for strolls through the snow.  Comrade Kit can now recline at her leisure and attend to her many other very onerous duties such as filing her caviar collection and wearing her diamonds.

The puppies have had a very busy week. They all traveled to Philadelphia for their BAER test which all four puppies passed with normal bilateral hearing.  They also were microchipped, had their blood drawn for their PRA test and were vaccinated.

As can be seen, they are very tired after all this activity.

Tadpole wonders why he has to yell to get Frost to listen to him when she supposedly can hear just fine.

Plug has important business elsewhere.

Frost longs for the pink bunny toy but it remains just out of reach.

Sputter is late for his class on military history.

Tadpole must run laps because he sassed his mama.

Feb. 16 update:

Caboose Steps Up,
Shmoo's Coming Is Answer to WayOut Prayers

Young Comrade Caboose has arrived in Siberia to give her mother a hand with the puppy raising chores.

Rumor has it that the Blessed Shmoo, named Babysitter of the year for 2006 and 2007, will be arriving soon!  This is especially anticipated since the arrival of Briar's puppies has put some strain on the puppy educational system.

Feb. 16:
Caboose and Frost bond.

Frost can't wait to meet Shmoo as she has heard so very much about him!

Caboose makes sure the children are good and dirty. Frost has missed a spot on the top of her head so Caboose places some dirt there for her while Tadpole supervises.

Plug would like it to be noted that he does not look as much like Casper the Ghost as previously.

Sputnik practices his Napoleon look.

Tadpole continues to entice the photographer.


Feb. 12 update: 

Puppies Prosper in Brisk Siberian Climate

Comrade Kit's children rejoice in one of the rare snowfalls to hit Siberia. Untroubled by any slaughtered celebrity nannies or rehab or paparazzi, they spend their free time learning to play the fiddle and singing Siberian folk songs.

Feb. 12:
Frost and Tadpole confront the great outdoors.

The siblings pose for a photo; Sputnik holds the camera.

Sputnik's footsies are chilled.

Tadpole tries to catch a snowflake on his tongue.

Feb. 9, 2008

Comrade Kit Plays Favorites with Frost

Living in the lap of luxury instead of a barren and cold igloo, Comrade Kit is supposedly raising her puppies without the benefit of any nanny - if you can believe anything Comrade Kit says which is certainly not something that the Daily Shriek feels at all comfortable doing.  Isolated and alone in Siberia, her minions state she could not have had anything whatsoever to do with the murder of Hello Kitty! though the dictator's lawsuit and estrangement from Hello Kitty! are well documented.

The puppies continue to ramble and play in the wastelands of "Siberia." The Shriek is saddened to see such obvious signs of severe global warming such as the lack of permafrost or snow in "Siberia."

Comrade Kit also has announced that she would never show any sort of preferential treatment to any of her children as she loves them all equally and without restraint.  Therefore the Shriek is surprised to see her obvious excessive tolerance of the antics of Frost over those of her brothers.

It's all about Frost.

Frost on Kit.

Frost the snob.


Kit with Frost on her back. Of course.

The Shriek is also saddened to note that the photographer seems to be developing a preference for Tadpole. Where will this shocking bias end?? 

Tadpole the photogenic.

Tadpole practices looking stern.

Tadpole, having watched the superbowl last weekend, practices holding the ball for kickoff using walnuts as his football. Walnuts are commonly found in "Siberia" or so the Shriek is told.

Plug, still bearing a resemblance to Casper the Ghost and rest assured that the Shriek has not forgotten nor neglected that investigation though it has yet to come up with further proof, trots around minding his own business in a rather ghostlike manner.

Plug minding his own business.

Sputnik still misses his space alien friends.

February 2, 2008


The Daily Shriek is once again horrified to discover that Comrade Kit has not been truthful about her living conditions!  Weaving grandiose tales of her trek through blizzards and whelping in dirty wooden boxes, Comrade Kit has systematically played on the gullible emotions of the masses to generate support for her cause.  What will be the reaction of the masses when they discover The Truth!?  The Shriek shudders to think of it.

Instead of living in a cold barren igloo, The Shriek has received an exclusive photo of the interior of Comrade Kit's home. Extravagantly luxurious would be a mild descriptive. The Russian Tsars had nothing on this!

This image is not for the faint of heart and cannot be posted in a public forum at this time due to legal intanglements. However, faithful Shriek readers may click on the spartan igloo photo above to get a preview of Comrade Caviar's actual accommodations.  

Further proof that Comrade Kit has not been truthful about her lifestyle comes in these pictures of the puppies making their first trip outside. Instead of a barren and frozen tundra, observe the grass and lack of snow!  This can hardly be February in Siberia!


Frost, at least, has the grace to appear properly upset by the deception.



Sputnik hopes to remain unnoticed. His dismay at his mother's lies has overwhelmed him.


Tadpole decides to brazen it out and pretends innocence.

When that fails, he attempts to distract our reporter by pointing out another celebrity across the street.


Plug expresses his dismay by either falling over or peeing on the Personal Attendant's foot. The Shriek is uncertain!


But by the smug look on his face later, the Shriek suspects he may have peed.

February 1, 2008

Rest in peace, Uncle Finn

January 26 , 2008

Alien Abduction Suspected!

It has come to the Shriek's attention that much time has slipped by since the last update from the WayOut Igloo.  The Shriek suspects this can be from only one of two reasons. Firstly, Comrade Kit is trying harder than ever to cover up her shameless attempt to hire a mock Hello Kitty! nanny for the puppies or, what is even more likely, the puppies have been abducted by the strange Green Alien Creature and had horrifying experiments performed on them in outer space!  

Fortunately, as in any Lost Time Episode, the victims have had their minds wiped clean of the horrors that befell them and have no memory of their abduction!  The Shriek considers itself very lucky to have retrieved these photos of their time in captivity. 

These photos are from January 26, 2008.


Observe poor Frost desperate seeking to escape while the Green Alien Creature lurks behind her in her cage!

Fed only unappetizing mush, the puppies showed their deep displeasure with the victuals.


Sputnik feels a space name is no reason for a space abduction!


Tadpole is exhausted and wonders where the last week of his life went.


Plug begs his mother for some real food.


The aliens implanted a human hand around his neck!

January 22, 2008

Presence of lurking green alien probed

In another horrifying turn of events, the same Green Creature that plagues Briar's children is found to be lurking in and among Comrade Kit's children!  Is this some new species of parasite??  A population explosion of Green Creatures or some Strange Coincidence????  The Shriek is investigating. 

In other news, the Supposed Hello Kitty! nanny is conspicuously absent from these clearly staged photos of the Young Revolutionaries. Rumors abound of a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit filed by the REAL and TRUE Hello Kitty! who is currently working for Briar, according to Shriek sources. Will Comrade Kit again be embroiled in a long and messy suit and countersuit with Hello Kitty! just a short time after the supposedly amicable settlement of the previous suit???  The Shriek shudders at the thought.

Already the Young Revolutionaries help to prove the attempted fraud by behaving in ways that Hello Kitty! would never tolerate!  Here, Young Tadpole moons the camera.

Frost and Sputnik fight over their food.

Frost practices her soulful Get Out of Jail Free look. Obviously a future criminal in the making!!

No nanny in sight (merely another of the strange Green Creatures and some chums), Plug and Frost make a break for it.

Sputnik ponders the error of his ways.

Tadpole plots his next crime.

January 15, 2008

Important Clarification and Confirmation Regarding Hello Kitty's
Long-Standing, Happy Association with WayOut

Comrade Kit has issued a press release concerning the current litter's nanny.  The Daily Shriek reports the statement verbatim:

"Contract negotiations have been settled to both parties mutual agreement and Hello Kitty! has once again entered the WayOut fold as the One and Only Official and Approved Nanny to the Young Revolutionaries. Any lingering resentment or ill feelings remaining from the misunderstanding over the previous litter have been entirely soothed away and all is well in the WayOut nursery."

The Shriek also prints the accompanying photo (See Frost, below) provided by the WayOut press agent reputed to show Nanny Hello Kitty! supervising Frost as that young lady takes the air.

The Shriek would not dream of interfering where it is not wanted but it feels compelled merely to point out that Hello Kitty! has suffered a rather remarkable change of appearance in just one year. The Shriek is not sure that plastic surgery and a wardrobe change alone would be enough to account for this dramatically different look on the part of the purported Hello Kitty! Further investigation by our highly skilled team of reporters is ongoing. More details as they become available.


A computer-generated digital recreation of Frost in the first photo from a different angle (below) shows her to be apparently coughing or laughing or muttering under her breath - possibly in reaction to the Clear and Obvious Falsehood being perpetuated by her Overly Authoritative and Controlling Mother, Comrade Kit. The Shriek is not clear what the full meaning of Frost's facial expression is but it is quite clear that it bodes No Good.


Dear Sweet Comrade Sputnik has not yet been troubled by any whiff of scandal. Who could believe ill of that sweet young face. The Shriek is quite sure that if any puppy deserves to inherit Posey's neglected Halo, it must come down from the Saintly Pipefitter to dear Sputnik.


Tadpole, clearly not worthy of a halo, laughs loudly at the thought of Sweet Brother Sputnik deserving a Halo. Where will this sad sibling rivalry end? Will Poor Darling Sputnik be hounded by his Evil and Undeserving brothers or will they open their eyes to his obvious worth and strive to emulate his wonderful example?  Time alone will tell.


In other sad news, Dear Young Plug has been found to resemble Casper the Ghost much more than his supposed "father" Spec.  Can there have been a mix-up in the shipment from Colorado?



January 15

The WayOut spokesperson has released these photos supposedly to show Comrade Kit's children thriving under the care of the purported Hello Kitty! nanny. In the Shriek's balanced and fair opinion, much seems to be amiss in these photos! Observe Poor Young Frost held in a chokehold by the Big Giant Hand that attacks her!


Poor Comrade Plug (whose paternity is still very much in question, the Shriek assures its readers that this investigation is far from over!) lies limp and helpless on his mother's foot. Too weak to even raise his bulbous and Casper-like  head from the ground.

The Shriek would like to offer more evidence of Young Plug's suspected paternity. Clearly he is much larger than Sputnik whose inheritance of the sacred Halo proves beyond a doubt that he is a true brother to Pipefitter therefore Plug must not be related! Plug MUST be the offspring of Casper the Ghost. There is no other theory that has the least hint of probability.


Sputnik (left) and Plug

Alas! The Shriek is horrified to report that, under the "watchful" eye of the ersatz Hello Kitty!, a horrendous Rodent has been allowed to enter the chamber of the young puppies and was caught on film terrorizing young Sputnik! 
Scary Rodent

Only Tadpole remains calm and, apparently, untroubled by the hideous deception being practiced upon him not only in his mother's selection of Nanny but also in her attempt to pass off the results of her illicit affair with Casper the Ghost as his legitimate brother!


January 11, 2008

Ingrid and Jim:
Together Again

In keeping with WayOut tradition, Frost will be known as Ingrid for the first day and Plug has been nominated to be Jim. Don't Jim and Ingrid look good together?






Pretty in Pink

The boys wish to have it clearly explained to them why their bedding is persistently pink when there are three boys and only one girl.  Ingrid-Frost is happy to explain it to them as she kicks them away from the milk bar and takes it all for herself. "Because!" she says. The boys feel this explanation is completely adequate.


Already credited with one revisionist history book, Tadpole spends his days in deep thought pondering the unponderable and reciting Revolutionary Propaganda. As can easily be expected, his mother is very proud of him.


Denounced by her brothers for her sadly obvious lack of mottles, Ingrid-Frost insists on feeling morally superior to every other puppy in her whelping box.

Turning up her pert little minimally-freckled nose, she makes a faint squeak which instantly brings her doting mother to her side. Laughing unkindly at her flopsy brothers as they flail and try to track down their mama, she nurses her fill and is groomed and dressed up in doll clothes and put to bed.



DOB: 1/5/08
Hair color: white
Interests: eating, sleeping
Hobbies: eating, sleeping
Activities: eating, sleeping
Plans: eating, sleeping
Goals: eating, sleeping
Other interests: occasional squeaking


Jim-Plug, bearing no ill will against his mother for having to squeeze him very hard to get him out, has instantly decided that nothing beats high risk behavior such as race car driving or sailing boats in stormy weather. He spends a great deal of time making vrrrooom sounds and pretending to be driving very, very fast.

Oftentimes he runs over his brothers on the way to the milkbar presaging a rocky period during his teen months to come. Sister Ingrid-Frost finds him dashing occasionally and irritating otherwise as he is the only one who rivals her milkbar piggishness and he is sometimes found in her way which is unpleasant and calls for much squeaking. 

Plug also likes to stand in front of the mirror and practice his James Dean pose. "This will be more easily done when my eyes open but I think the extra practice time will work to my advantage in the long run," he commented to our Shriek reporter.



DISCLAIMER: Once again, Comrade Kit has been forced, reluctantly, to dip into her nation's resources to appease the masses who demand to monitor her children as they mature. She has agreed, therefore, to submit to The Puppy Cam, with the expectation that all who view will be tremendously infused with love of her progeny, awe at her maternal skills and an abiding pride in their Mother Country.



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