Ch. R-bar N Kylie's Clean Slate, CD, HSAs, VQW


Ch. Legend Cracker Jack, CD, PT x
AOM Ch. R-bar Annie's Oakley

BRED BY: Stacey Helsel and Diana Durrance

DOB 10/1/2000


PRCD Pattern A
BAER normal
Left 0.50/Right 0.55
OFA Fair
Elbows unilateral grade I

CERF 2002, 2003, 2005
Full dentition


Prince Slate, Dean of all things Goober, was grandfathered into the administration of Comrade Kit's College For Kids solely because he was there first and insisted. He does not buy into Comrade Kit's view of world domination and believes that a life without its little luxuries would be a very bleak place. "It is all very well," he would debate with Comrade Kit, "to say that you are the supreme power and no one gets anything good except you but where does that leave the rest of us?"

Usually under strict house arrest by order of Comrade Kit, Prince Slate bears up cheerfully. "I don't believe I am permitted to speak today," he whispered to yearbook staff when they attempted to interview him. Quickly consulting the Encyclopedia of Rules left in his office by Comrade Kit, he pronounced, "Yes, yes, here it is. Wednesdays do not speak. Well it is better than Thursdays when I am not allowed to breathe, after all!' He smiled cheerfully as he waved goodbye to the Yearbook crew.

Prince Slate's Rules

1) I don't like puppies

2) I don't like peasants

3) If you are a puppy or a peasant, don't bother me.

4) Obey Comrade Kit



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