Ch. Bendigo Black Sheep, HXAs,d, HSAc


BISS, AOM, AOE Ch. So-Lo Hard Working Man x
Ch. Bendigo Renegade Laughter

BRED BY: Cathie Watson Brown

DOB 12/20/05


PRCD Pattern C, affected
Left 0.33/Right 0.38

OFA Good
OFA Elbows Normal
BAER normal
CERF 2010
Dentition: Missing PM1 x 4
CHIC 53856


You are a blessing wherever you go! -- Comrade Kit

Awarded the coveted Babysitter Of The Year Award every year since its inception.

Shmoo finished his AKC championship at a young age with four majors including a five point major at an ACD supported entry in spite of having an "undesirable" body spot smack dab on his back.

After a rough start in herding, his handler adjusted to his headstrong personality and he has rarely failed to be in the placements since beginning his herding trial career.

A very consistent worker, Shmoo is strong to the head and somewhat opinionated on how he should proceed with the job at hand. He is also, however, very unwilling to be in the wrong with his human and his underlying biddability combined with his natural talent have made him a pleasure to compete with.

He is a brave cowdog, a gentle duck dog and an intelligent sheep dog but he will not tolerate being faced off by the stock and has a punishing head bite at such times.

What a blessing! xoxo Gussie

Shmoo adores puppies, bunnies and rainbows. Comrade Kit frequently has to lecture him on his kindly tendencies. If it were not for his willingness to bite a sheep or cow nose, she would despair of his revolutionary tendencies and write him off as hopelessly bourgeois. As it is, she contents herself with biting his nose occasionally in hopes of getting him to learn not to admit in public that he loves hearts and flowers and My Little Pony.

Jerk - Pipey


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