Puppies whelped Sept. 18, 2009

Ch. Bendigo Black Sheep, HIAs, HSAc

CHIC #53856
OFA Good
OFA Elbows Normal
PennHip 0.33/0.38
BAER Normal
CERF 2008
Optigen tested prcd pattern C, genotypically affected

Ch. WayOut's Hold The Matchless, HSAs

OFA Fair
OFA Elbows Normal
PennHip 0.59/0.50
BAER Normal
CERF 2006
Optigen prcd pattern A, clear

* *

Week 9

The day after the BAER test, Because decided to celebrate his official hearing status by elevating both ears. His sudden increase in adorableness had the WayOut Officials second guessing the official decision to send him to Ohio.  They held firm, however, and Because now resides in northern Ohio where he will do some herding and potentially hit the show rings.

Why, feeling pretty secure in his role as the keeper, did not bother to pose particularly well for photos this week.   Why will now be known as Steal and go by the registered name of WayOut's I'm A Shmoo Too.

* *

Week 8

The puppies become very difficult to photograph.

Both puppies tested bilateral normal hearing on their BAER test amid much rejoicing.

* *

Week 7

The two sides of Because - ears up and ears down. "I still prefer to let my ears droop," Because stated for the record. "I have a lifetime of perky ears to look forward to so I might as well enjoy my childhood while I have it!"

Why ignores Because and frolics in the autumn leaves.

Why does not understand the attitude of the local geese. "Why don't they like me?" he wonders.

Because has no answers for him.

The puppies get their 7 week old stacked photos in preparation for the big BAER test and stacking extravaganza next weekend.

Week 7, cont'd.
Shmoo, a blessing wherever he goes

Babysitter Of The Year for the 3rd consecutive year, Shmoo kicks back and relaxes with the babies.

Ever alert, he is ready and watching and saves Because from falling off a steep cliff.

Because shows off for his papa by putting his ears up temporarily.

* *

Week 6

Why develops perky ears. Because is quite jealous.

They both experience a shocking growth spurt in consequence of which they are forced to go outside to look for part time work to support their eating habits. No work was found, however, in spite of diligent searching.

* *

Week 5

The puppies got their first taste of outside last week. Why found it to taste somewhat like grass and dirt. Because took advantage of the opportunity to look adorable.  Later Why found it to be somewhat unnecessarily cold and damp and took refuge on a conveniently nearby pair of legs.

* *

Week 4

The babies celebrated the arrival of a care package full of colorful siblings.  "It used to be I could just curl up and sleep anywhere," complained Why (left). "Now, everywhere I look there are all these other critters in my best napping spots. I hate siblings!"

Because (right) was undeterred and commenced to trampling his new siblings down. "It is best to teach them straight off who is in charge," he was heard to mutter.

Because (below, left) was later heard to squeak pathetically as Why gummed his ear. "I think I hate siblings too!" he wailed and ran to the edge of the whelping box to see if he was big enough yet to make a break for it. Alas, the wall is still too high. 

Gussie, the long-suffering mother, pins her puppies with a steely stare and sends them both to their rooms without supper.

In celebration of four weeks out in the air, the puppies were ritually posed and photographed for posterity (Why on top, Because underneath). Afterwards, it was again naptime.

* *

Week 3

The boys tried on various Halloween costumes in preparation for the upcoming holiday!  Because really wanted to be a cow but, sadly, the only available costume was much too large. "Do you think I will grow into it in the next couple weeks?" he asked forlornly. 

Why chortled quietly to himself. He has big plans to be a stegasaurus and his costume fits just right!  "I will surely get all the candy in this costume!" he chucked and practiced his dinosaur roar.

Because dreams of a growth spurt. 

Why ponders the mystery of dinosaur extinction.


* *

Week 2

Why and Because continue to grow. They made it to their first deworming and first nail trim this week and there was much rejoicing by all except the puppies who complained rather bitterly about the nail trim but did not seem to much mind the deworming.  "This calls for a nap!" exclaimed Because.  "zzzz," dozed Why.

Why (below left) receives lectures from the hordes of tutors brought in by Comrade Kit to ensure no royalist tendencies are formed in her grandsons. Gussie, their tolerant mother, allows the tutors free access to her tender young offspring. "After all," she mused, "their ears aren't open yet so everything the tutors say is only so much wasted air."

Because (below right) has a private lesson with one of the tutors.

Why is forced to show off his Buddha-like belly for the masses. "How embarrassing!" he whimpers.

Because keeps his eyes firmly closed for his close-up photo. "I refuse to cooperate with the paparazzi!" he cries.

* *

First week

Both puppies were delighted to take part in a graduation ceremony when they reached the big double digits in weight! Ten ounces and gaining fast! 

The commencement speaker urged the young students to keep Moooooving along! 

* *

Why, Because and their erstwhile sibling, Maybe, enjoy a little quiet time for male bonding.

"Why?" ponders Why sleepily (left).

"I said so," mutters Because (right).

* *

Introducing WHY and BECAUSE

Two little boys were born slightly prematurely on Sept 18. They are currently gaining weight and appear to be doing well but the compound is somewhat hushed as Comrade Kit knits booties and frets over her "real" grandchildren.

"Those puppies from that red Briar creature were contaminated by her redness. I cannot believe my own son would fool around with such a creature of the material world. Where is his sense of duty and civic pride?  My darling daughter Augusta, well she has given me some sleepless nights too with her princessly affectations but all the same she has gone through my full indoctrination process and graduated, if not with honors, at least she passed all her classes and, well, her sister Posey might have helped her some on the tests but I never caught them cheating so let's just assume she did it on her own. I know these puppies will be raised right from day one and I won't have to send in spies to help clean like I did with that Briar creature's babies. Besides all that, my son-in-law Shmoo was raised here from a very young age and has also gone through my indoctrination training so this litter of puppies should have furthering the revolution deeply ingrained in their very DNA. I know it will be so!" 

Her voice rose to a shriek at the end of this monologue and she was quickly hushed by the Personal Attendant. "Kit!!! Shut Up!!!! The babies are sleeping!!!"  Comrade Kit muttered imprecations under her breath and went back to her knitting.

Meanwhile, over in the laying-in chamber, Gussie hovers over her small children Why (second photo below) and Because (first photo below).






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