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January 1, 2007

(Photo of Spec copyrighted by Psycht Photography)

AOM Ch. Kuawarri N CWest Spectacular

(BAER normal, prcd pattern A, OFA Good)
(Ch. Duwest Dewey Bubba Blues, HSAs x Ch. Beronganella Flame, HS)
owned by Larry & Marilyn Painter and Sherry Toft,

Kuawarri Go To Ground, HXAs, HSAc

(BAER normal, prcd obligate pattern B, OFA Good, Elbows normal, PennHip 0.33/0.44)
(AOM WTCH DC Kuawarri G'bye Old Paint, CD, HXAcds  x Ch. Kuawarri Bushrider, CD,  HXAs, HSAc, ROM)

Four boys and two girls were born Oct. 23, 2006, to Kit and Spec. In order of birth:

MUG (WayOut's The Prospector), boy, half mask on the right

SPANNER (WayOut's Spec N Span), boy, half mask on the left

COTTERPIN (WayOut's Spectacular Kitty), girl, half mask on the left

GOBLIN (WayOut's Bump in the Night), boy, plain face with eye smears

PIPEFITTER (WayOut's Piping Hot), boy, plain face

CABOOSE (WayOut's Kit N Kaboodle), girl, double mask


Caboose collage: Movement and at rest

Goblin collage: Pensive moment and bringing up the rear

Phoebe collage: At rest and wrestling with 'Tiny Friend' the Dachsie

Jessie collage: Jessie and Allie and Jessie quiet

Rock collage: (Rock left) Serious moment; (Rock right) playing tag with Deuce

Keno collage: Smokin' a rawhide ciggie and buddying up with Wic

December 25, 2006

Season's Greetings from WayOut

Caboose has been found to resemble her mother in unwanted ways. She has been tested and found to be prcd pattern B, carrier. She received her beating and is ready to carry on. She knows she is still staying and is unphased by the gnashing of teeth on the part of the Personal Attendant.



Cotterpin gaks on sheep poo as she laughs at her inferior sister. Cotterpin is prcd pattern A, clear.


Goblin is happily oblivious. He also tested prcd pattern A, clear. He is a helpful boy and stops to assist his mother in carrying a very long and heavy piece of straw.

Kit, Goblin



Mug will be the first to leave and says his goodbyes to his evil sister Cotterpin who tries to bite him.

Mug and Cotterpin


Pipey stands guard over the stash of illicit Comrade! Kitty merchandise that arrived for the puppie's Christmas from the shamed ex-nanny via her Montana lawyer.



Spanner will be leaving soon also. He says he will not miss his sister Cotterpin, not one bit. Maybe Caboose a little but only if she stops laughing at his hound doggy ears!


Spanner hound dog


December 17, 2006

Season's Greetings from WayOut
(compliments of Alison Deilke who has a very special interest in Cotterpin)

All Good Things: No Emergencies, No Coups D'Etats
Santa Must Be On His Way Soon

The puppies took their first long ride trip of the week on Tuesday to go to Philadelphia to get their hearing tested. All six puppies have hearing in both ears in spite of their protestations otherwise.  To celebrate, they sang a loud and prolonged chorus on the very long ride home.

Pipey hears (as do all the puppies) and makes like the RCA Victor dog with cocked head.

The puppies took their second very long trip of the week to go up to northern Pennsylvania to have their temperament testing done by Cynthia Knowlton (  It was agreed that temperaments were found in all six puppies. In spite of the protestations of the Personal Attendant, the Evaluator refused to label them as Evil and Really Bad puppies. The Personal Attendant attempted to leave several of them behind for further study by the Evaluator so she can learn to more easily recognize Evil and Really Bad temperaments when she sees them but this kind offer was declined.  The Personal Attendant believes someone tipped off the puppies ahead of time as no one chewed on the Evaluator. This cannot be a coincidence and is decidedly Not Normal. Hello! Kitty, as always, is suspected.

The puppies were then placed on a table and a multitude of people attempted to stack them. Showing their true colors at this point and with some notable exceptions, most of the puppies sturdily resisted the amateur attempts of the humans to position them.







The puppies also got to run after a few sheepies before being packed up and returning to the car. They celebrated their eventful trip to the north by sleeping quietly the entire way home.

At home, enjoying the sunshine of another lovely Pennsylvania fall weekend, the puppies frolic on the hillside with their mother and Nanny Tassel.



Cotterpin pulls Caboose



Jungle Gymnasts

Mug and Goblin

Pipey and Tassel


Tassel has fun

December 10, 2006

It's Almost All Good

The Daily Shriek likes to be able to report good news on the rare occasion it is available so it is proud to present this series of photographs honoring the Blessed Shmoo, Babysitter Of The Year.

Shmoo, Cotterpin, Pipey

Shmoo, Goblin

Shmoo, Pipey

Shmoo supervises.

Shmoo with pups and Big Giant Foot.

The Ying, the Yang

Sadly the bad news must also be reported. The WayOut puppies have become Very Bad. Even their mother, the Renowned Dictator Comrade Kit, is occasionally overwhelmed.

Attacking their mother.

Further misbehavior on the part of the WayOut babies includes:
Running away from Mother
Biting the hand that feeds them and
Making rude gestures toward the camera.

Evil Bad Cotterpin

Spanner and Butt

After a morning of trying to establish control, Comrade Kit gives up and surrenders to her own evil impulses. 

Kit's nose and Big Giant Shoe(s)

By far the biggest news of the day, however, is that, pending Tuesday's upcoming BAER test and next weekend's temperament and conformation evaluations, Caboose will be joining her mother and older sister Augusta as a resident at the WayOut Commune. She will henceforth be known as WayOut's Kit N Kaboodle.  Sadly even this big news is hardly a surprise given the Personal Attendant's obvious bias from the moment of birth onwards for the little Kabuki puppy.

The rest of the litter also received names in preparation for their BAER test.

Goblin will be WayOut's Bump In The Night; Cotterpin will be WayOut's Spectacular Kitty; Mug will be WayOut's The Prospector; Pipefitter will be WayOut's Piping Hot; and last but not least, Spanner will be WayOut's Spec N Span. Goblin, also pending BAER results, will be owned by WayOut and co-owned by his very own junior handler.

WayOut's Kit N Kaboodle

WayOut's Spec N Span aka Spanner

Wayout's Spectacular Kitty aka Cotterpin

Kit N Kaboodle aka Caboose

Wayout's Bump in the Night aka Goblin

WayOut's The Prospector aka Mugs

WayOut's Piping Hot aka Pipefitter

December 3, 2006

Not Just Shrieking 'Wolf'

This week marked the sudden appearance of legs among the puppies!  With the corresponding discovery of coordination, the puppies have begun to venture further afield and with less toddling and more galloping. Cotterpin demonstrates the new method of locomotion without falling over.  "It's almost as significant as the discovery of fire or the wheel," stated Pipefitter. "Certainly it gives more of a paradigm shift than sliced bread."

Cotterpin runs.

Cotterpin runs faster.

With the onset of improved locomotion and a greater sense of adventure come risks. No fewer than 10 hawks have circled and swooped above the puppies on their outdoor adventures while the Overworked Personal Attendant frantically flaps her arms and attempts to look like a deterrent.  For today's photo session, the Attendant was relieved to see merely a large turkey vulture flying overhead.  While continuing to take pictures, she was intrigued that the "vulture" started circling and watching the puppies. Upon closer observation of the "vulture", it was found to be an immature bald eagle. A mature bald eagle also showed up within minutes and eyed the delectable morsels.  At this point, the puppies returned inside.

Comrade Kit and Nanny Tassel pay no attention to the threats from above and blithely let the puppies wander about.  Darling Shmoo, who is a blessing wherever he goes, did his best during his stint as baby sitter, however, to keep the puppies closely grouped and without stragglers. He enjoyed it best when all puppies were trampling joyfully across his sides and tugging on his tail. Shmoo has therefore been elected Babysitter of the Year by the Daily Shriek. Sadly there were no photos of this event as the Personal Attendant could not leave the morsels to go get her camera.

Kit plays.

Puppies run.

When questioned about their mother's laxness in detecting eagle threats, Goblin merely said. "What's an eagle?" Caboose, on the other hand, took great delight in demonstrating eagle behavior by swooping on both toys and Tassels and cackling evily.



Cotterpin lands a starring role in this week's update by being caught in 90% of the photos. Poor Spanner gives merely a cameo appearance.

Cotterpin dramatizes her reaction to the hypothetical scene of an eagle carrying off her sister. "I can barely keep myself from yawning in this scene," said the star coyly.  Mug moves forward for a better look while Spanner stays in the rear and is aghast.

Later on, Cotterpin refuses to sign an autograph for Nanny Tassel who is not amused.


Cotterpin and Tassel

Mug and Pipefitter work on their portfolios hoping to hit the big screen like their sister Cotterpin.



Pipefitter, Caboose and part of Mug emote wildly in the scene where puppies prepare to run madly away from swooping eagles. Surprisingly, Cotterpin the scene-stealer is not featured here.

She does resurface, however, in the scene where the puppies build a fortress and set up guards to watch for eagles.  Being clever puppies, they each pick a different direction to watch over. Sadly, they forget to look up. 

Pipefitter, Caboose and Mug


After filming, Caboose has a few words with Cotterpin the diva - none of which were complimentary of her performance in the feature film Eagzilla vs the Puppies (coming soon to a theatre near you).


November 26, 2006

WayOut News Embargoed: Hello! Kitty Is Da Bomb!

Do not release before Nov. 26, 2006

The Disgraced Icon

As the Shriek goes undercover to investigate reports of Hello! Kitty, nee Comrade Kitty, now simply shamed sick-o terrorist (see, the WayOut puppies and their family were all secluded for their own safety over the holiday weekend and their possessions impounded for investigation of any latent terrorist activity by the former, deranged nanny.  

All that remains of the puppies' possessions is their modest conveyance: what appears to be a laundry basket that is certainly equipped with bullet-proof glass and sophisticated communications and surveillance equipment.

All pre-existing Hello! Kitty toys and blankies were x-rayed and tested and have been approved by authorities as temporarily safe for the children until appropriate playthings – purged of the Hello! Kitty brand – are purchased.

A fund has been set up in the children’s name at the CowDawg Bank and Trust of Seven Valleys for the purchase of new toys and educational materials.

Photos have been taken to show that the family is fine and thriving despite the turmoil:










Mug and Goblin






November 19, 2006

Lady T Reinstated As Rightful Nanny

In response to accusations from Chairman Meow, the putative "Comrade Kitty," of being up to no good, Young Mug poses for the camera and gives his opinion on current politics. "I'm not the most coordinated at this point, but if you look closely, you can see me stick my tongue out!" he states.

Mug was also seen being attended to by the new nursemaid, The Lovely and Delicate Lady Tassel. "The Lovely Lady Tassel is much better nurse than Hello! Kitty ever was. She is more interactive!" said the young child of the revolution. The WayOut spokesperson announced the hiring of the new and improved nanny shortly after the discovery that Hello! Kitty had opened her own Camp For Kids in Montana.

Young Comrade Posey and Princess Augusta approved of the new hire wholeheartedly. "She was a very good nanny for us too even though all the credit went to Hello! Kitty.  The Lovely Lady Tassel was always there helping out. She did more than Hello! Kitty ever did unless you count lying around eating all our mother's food as helping out because that's all that lazy Hello! Kitty ever did!" said Princess Augusta.

Lady Tassel and her new charge, Mug

News Briefs


Continuing developments that are being watched in the Comrade Kit/Chairman Meow duelling daycare scandal:

Finn recuses himself
Finn Rosenquist, Esq., has declined to represent Chairman Meow, the erstwhile Hello! Kitty. "This is clearly a conflict of interest," stated Finn. "How could I ever face my dear sister Comrade Kit again?  The case is in the hands of Poe and Tessa and I am sure they will give fair and unbiased counsel to Chairman Meow."

Kit smells a rat
Comrade Kit considers charges of slander and libel and bad horsemanship and anything else that might or might not apply.  Seven Valleys lawyers are looking into the legal intricacies.

WayOut passes muster
Puppy Social Services have paid a call at the WayOut Commune and Comrade Kit's Camp for Kids to investigate the conditions at the school. No charges have been filed as of press time.

Worries continue
Caught in the middle of the current situation are the WayOut puppies. Will there be deep psychological damage?

Hate Mail Continues Unabated

Yet another anonymous letter has shown up in the abandoned shack. The Shriek reprints the letter in its entirety.

c@t stalks innocent puppy

A Fortuitous Discovery!

arrives in nick of time

Pipefitter, while digging about the house, has discovered Young Comrade Posey's long-lost halo!

"It even fits me just fine!" stated the excited Pipefitter. "I feel sweeter and more obedient with every moment." 

This is considered a good thing by the WayOut inhabitants as Pipey was the first to hoist himself up and over the puppy box sides to go exploring. "Finders keepers!" chortles the now darling and well-behaved Pipefitter.


Pipefitter can (now) do no wrong.

A Trial The Last Puppy
Must Bear Alone

In an epic battle reminscent of Pipefitter's struggle against the Giant Diseased Hand, Caboose met and conquered the Big Dirty Foot.

Gratuitous Puppy Photos To Distract From The Scandals





The Glossary Of Coats: Mottles and Speckles

Current predictions are two mottles, four speckles ... depending on current definitions of mottle and speckle.


Puppy Pile

November 12, 2006

The Shriek Is Worried

The time: Winter, 2005
The place: Comrade Kit's Camp For Kids

All was serene and happy back in 2005. The sins of the mother, Comrade Kit, were balanced by the serene goodness of Hello! Kitty, the WayOut wet nurse and nanny.

Fast forward to Autumn, 2006
Where is Hello! Kitty? 

Can it be that this new crop of budding revolutionaries has been left solely in the care of Comrade Kit, known as Mother of Her Country? The Shriek does not wish to cast aspersions but it is our considered opinion that the plump good health of the first graduating class was more the work of Nanny Hello! Kitty than of the Overworked Dictator, Comrade Kit.

Bearing that in mind, imagine The Shriek's concerned response to the news that Hello! Kitty has opened her own "camp for kids."   The Glossy Brochure, received by The Shriek, bears a remarkable resemblance to the Glossy Brochure produced by the WayOut Commune which touts Comrade Kit's Idyllic Camp for Young Revolutionaries.  With which mother figure would you rather trust your precious offspring?

Comrade Kit was unavailable for comment at press time but her publicity agents have scheduled a news conference for later today. More news as it becomes available.

You be the judge:

WayOut in Denial

In an attempt to squash rumors that Hello! Kitty has left the fold to set up her own competing Camp For Kids, The WayOut Camp For Kids has released these photos featuring Wet Nurse Extraordinaire and Nanny Hello! Kitty. Hello! Kitty is seen working closely with Comrade Kit to supervise and provide the highest quality care and education for the young revolutionaries.

She watches over Mug with Comrade Kit as he explores.

She teaches Young Goblin the colors of the rainbow. "Pink is my favorite color," states Goblin definitively. "Hello! Kitty taught me that!"

As these pictures clearly show, there is no breach between Hello! Kitty and Comrade Kit, states the WayOut spokesperson.



Hello! Kitty Obtains Legal Counsel

An Anonymous Tip received at Shriek Offices has lead our investigative team of reporters to an abandoned shack where this photo and statement were found:

"The False Hello! Kitty seen in STAGED photos spread about by Comrade Kit is NOT a good Nanny!!  The Only True Hello! Kitty resides in Montana At Chairman Meow's Camp For Kids.  Do Not Believe the LIES and ASPERSIONS and SLANDER put forth by the WayOut Juvenile Center. Only Delinquent Puppies end up there!   Observe the "CARE" that this SUPPOSED Nanny gives. She is TOSSED aside and TRAMPLED by the DELINQUENT WayOut Puppies!

ALSO observe the PUNISHMENT meted out by COMRADE KIT! Puppies are made to STAND in the CORNER with a BIG MEAN KITTY watching over them! They are SCARED out of their WITS and AFRAID to stand up for themselves!

TRUST your puppies with a PROFESSIONAL! Chairman Meow's Camp For Kids

As for COMRADE KIT, if you don't like the TRUTH, contact our LAWYERS at the offices of Poe, Tessa, Finn & Sinjin, Billings, MT. Better make sure your HAT covers your EARS! They are SHARKS!"

Big Mean Kitty

Hello! Kitty goes under

Puppies Defend Mother

The WayOut Puppies, reportedly broken-hearted by their Nanny's attack upon their mother, have released these statements.

Pipefitter: When I heard she said our Beloved Mother Comrade Kit was mean to us, I cried.

Mug: No comment, sniffle, no picture, my eyes are too red from weeping!

Caboose: It really shatters my faith in Cartoons.

Cotterpin: It doesn't make sense. I just can't think of a polite response.

Goblin: I will get back to you after my nap but I don't think I like Pink anymore.

Spanner: Grr, that makes me mad.


The Shriek thinks it very curious that of all the puppies Mug was too verklempt for a photo op. That bit of information will be tucked away should subpoenas appear in the future although it is still too early to say what it all means but one MUST BE PREPARED when dealing with WayOut.






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Travels in a Laundry Basket

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A brilliant autobiographical work by this year's outstanding new novelist, Travels in a Laundry Basket takes the reader on a non-stop journey from whelping box to living room.  Caboose realistically recounts her jostlings in the basket carried by a human servant as she, along with her five siblings, ride out for their first glimpse of the living room.  The overwhelming stimulation of new sights and smells galvanizes the puppies into a grand desire for a nap. The subsequent return in the laundry basket back to the whelping box goes relatively unnoticed by all. New Yap Times gives it Four Paws Up!

At bookstores now.

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November 1, 2006

Pipefitter Picks A Theme Song

Even though he is the smallest of the puppies, Pipefitter does not wish to be considered dull or humorless. Therefore he has chosen the song "Way Down Upon The Scrawny River" to be his theme.  "Ma says that what I lack in size, I must make up for in personality," confided the wee Revolutionary. "So I have been practicing my soft shoe routine and my adorable smile."

Goblin, the largest of the puppies, thinks theme songs are beneath his dignity. "If you don't like my attitude, I will just sit on you," he threatened the Shriek Reporter.

Spanner, who is fair to middling sized, refused to get drawn into the debate and only consented to be photographed next to Pipefitter and Goblin in the interests of science.

November 4, 2006

Puppy Attempts Record Breaking Journey With Elephant!

In an attempt to recreate Hannibal's legendary journey over the Alps, Young Goblin teamed up with his buddy, a purple elephant, and set out to scale the Hello! Kitty Alps.  

The way was long and hard but neither Puppy nor Elephant faltered as they faced the sheer sides and plush velour cliffs of the Hello! Kitty Alps!

With great bravery and perseverance, the team reached the summit - or as near the summit as a sightless puppy could figure - and posed for our Shriek photographer.


But wait! What Horror has crept upon them!

The Giant Hand has also scaled the walls of the Hello! Kitty Alps and grabs the hapless Elephant by the foot! 

Alas! Goblin had not packed the fearless Pipefitter and the Elephant was dragged off, never to be seen again! 

The Giant Hand's Thumb appeared to be healed from Pipefitter's previous assault upon it but experts agree that the presence of that special puppy may have been enough to save the Elephant if only he had been there. 

Alas! for the Elephant and Alas! for Goblin who has lost his chum.

My name is Mug Kittleson
and I approve this message.

Ax Me No Questions

While his adventure-seeking brother, Goblin, scales the Hello! Kitty Alps and his politician brother, Mug, campaigns vigorously in the last few days before the election, Spanner prefers to spend his time in a Zen-like state of reflection and meditation.

Perhaps the Ying-Yang symbol on his face has influenced his young and developing psyche - or perhaps it was the midnight reading of Rootabaga Stories that did it. Far be it for the Shriek to decide. Young Spanner's only comment to date has been "Only the Fire-Born understand Blue."

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

Neither Caboose nor Cotterpin have been able to muster up any enthusiasm for such juvenile adventures as their brothers are having. "We prefer to stay here and study our Revolutionary Theory and Rabble Rousing textbooks," stated Cotterpin primly. "Yeah," yawned Caboose. "What she said. Pass the milk, please."

Week 1


Oh Horror!!   The Personal Attendant merely dozed off for a few minutes but when she awoke, what a scene of destruction!!  Somehow both a Leopard and a Ferocious Snake had managed to make their way into the puppies' pen.  Without awakening the snoozing Attendant, Brave Goblin, with the assistance of Cotterpin and Mug, strangled the snake with their bare bodies.  The Leopard was dispatched in a similar manner.  This Shriek Reporter has received scandalous reports that the wild animals were brought to the pen by the puppies' own mother, Comrade Kit, but what mother would do such a thing?!

Where, oh where, is Hello! Kitty!!  The situation at the WayOut commune is deteriorating rapidly in her absence!

At the early age of five days old, Very Young Comrade Goblin has mastered the fundamental concepts of the fine art of heckling. Already, he has learned to prop himself up in the corner and shout rebellious catch phrases! Comrade Kit is very proud of her precocious young son.  On the other end of the spectrum sprawls young Ingrid Cotterpin - too busy falling off the mat to attend to her mother's teachings.

Caboose is lost in thought. She thinks she might wish to emulate her half sister Princess Augusta and take after a hippo.  Comrade Kit says building good bones is one thing, emulating the bourgeois a very different other thing and Not Allowed!

Ingrid Cotterpin (or it might be Spanner, who can tell?)
has a refreshing drink of milk to build strong bones
for the cause.

Goblin rests after his heckling lesson and shows off his speckled ears. "Speckles go with heckles," he yawns.

All of the puppies enjoyed the story of their half siblings trek to the North Pole to live with the Polar Bears at this age. They giggled greatly at the absurdity of the notion. "Our older half siblings must not be as smart as us," scoffs Pipefitter.  From the other side of the palace, Posey and Gussie snort with rage at being so insulted.  "Obviously they haven't looked in a mirror," stated Posey with great dignity. "If those things don't look like Polar Bears, then I have never seen a Polar Bear."

Giant Hand Threatens Babies!!

Just as the exhausted yet valiant Comrade Kit was retiring to her cushion to try to take a small nap before the demands of her many children again called her to action, a horrible threat to the puppies was caught by the Shriek camera!  A Giant Hand, seemingly from out of nowhere, reached into the whelping box and grabbed puppies.  The puppies were pinned and helpless and in fear for their lives! 

Little Pipefitter, though shoved aside and laughed at for being the smallest puppy in the litter, was nevertheless equal to the occasion! Springing into action, the small clumsy blind and toothless puppy still managed to gnaw a hole in the base of the Giant Hand's Thumb! The Giant Hand withdrew in a hurry then, let me tell you! Pipefitter is a hero!

Observe these Exclusive Shriek photos and witness the horror of the Giant Hand!

Pipefitter has his way with thumb

Jim/Mug featured prominently

Jim and Ingrid, the reunion

As longtime Shriek readers will undoubtedly remember, the story of Jim and Ingrid was a brief but meaningful time in the young lives of the puppies now known as Celt and Posey.  Always upon meeting her brother again, Posey revisits that time by attempting to pummel Celt into submission and bounce off his head. In the hopes of instilling such good revolutionary values in her young children again, Kit has agreed to allow Mug and Cotterpin to be known as Jim and Ingrid for the first week of their lives. 

Comrade Kit produces more heirs of the revolution

Comrade Kit, Supreme Dictator and Mother Of Her Country, has produced another set of revolutionaries sure to excel at her Camp For Kids. After the disappointment of young Princess Augusta who decided to follow in her father's royal footsteps instead of taking up the righteous cause of her mother, Comrade Kit has great hopes for a better sort of revolutionary in this sort. "I don't plan on letting any contact occur between those deluded scions of an antiquated system and my budding revolutionaries! They will be strictly innoculated with my visions of a better world order and my plans to accomplish it. There will be no nonsense allowed! This isn't about learning and tolerance. This is about control! Absolute control!!

Four boys and two girls were born Oct. 23, 2006, to Kit and Spec. In order of birth:

MUG   boy, half mask on the right

SPANNER boy, half mask on the left

COTTERPIN  girl, half mask on the left

GOBLIN  boy, plain face with eye smears

PIPEFITTER  boy, plain face

CABOOSE  girl, double mask

All are currently doing well.

First photos: Oct. 23, 2006

AOM Ch. Kuawarri N CWest Spectacular

(BAER normal, prcd pattern A, OFA Good)
(Ch. Duwest Dewey Bubba Blues, HSAs x Ch. Beronganella Flame, HS)
owned by Larry & Marilyn Painter and Sherry Toft,


Kuawarri Go To Ground, HXAs, HSAc

(BAER normal, prcd obligate pattern B, OFA Good, Elbows normal, PennHip 0.33/0.44)
(AOM WTCH DC Kuawarri G'bye Old Paint, CD, HXAcds  x Ch. Kuawarri Bushrider, CD,  HXAs, HSAc, ROM)






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