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DAY ONE: Palace announces arrival of four healthy infants; one missing from official photos




Editor's note: Posey the plain-faced girl was unavailable for photos due to a pending ruling about the suitability of her name raised by an irate judge from a Western, unnamed state.

DAY TWO: Identity crisis looms

TwoGun, 2 days (aka "Jim")

Posey, 2 days (aka "Ingrid")

"Ingrid, Jim"

Editor's note: Posey the plain-faced girl and TwoGun were whisked to an undisclosed safehouse for photos. The pair is thought to be traveling under the aliases Jim and Ingrid. Already the focus of a major identity suit, the pair was unavailable for comment as The Shriek went to press.

WayOut babies arrive Jan. 14
on wet, wild and windy night

Prince held in seclusion, threatens investigation

The official palace photo: Kit and the royal offspring

Ch. R-bar N Kylie's Clean Slate, HSAs x Kuawarri Go To Ground, HIAs, STDs,d


Daily Shriek's news crew finds royal puppies living in filth! Bassinet photo staged???

This just in!!! Alien baby found in royal crib: Multiple sire litter or alien plot to rule world???


Shame rears its ugly head in pastoral Seven Valleys, Pa., community. Click on photo to get full sense of the enormity of the story.


Caution: graphic photo!

As this exclusive photo reveals (right), The Daily Shriek has discovered that Comrade Kit is not bringing up her own children but has instead hired a wet nurse. Is this how our royal children should be raised? The Daily Shriek thinks not!


Puppies Run Off To North Pole

An insider tipoff alerted Daily Shriek reporters to furtive movement around the WayOut enclosure. Milo Muckraker was first on the scene and reports that the puppies,  harried along by TwoGun and Posey (also known as Jim and Ingrid), had packed up and were headed out.

Later information revealed that the puppies had quickly marched to the North Pole and been taken in by a polar bear mother.  In an exclusive statement to the Shriek, TeaPot stated, "It was quite obvious to all of us that the Kit animal could not be our mother. She is blue and we are white. We look like polar bears. We decided amongst ourselves that she would not profit by her deception and we left for home and our proper mother."  The puppies posed for a photograph with their new sibling known only as Cub.




The Royal Family (click photo to see larger portrait)









TeaPot, TinCup








Puppies Return From North Pole

The entire population of WayOut Castle turned out to see the triumphant procession of the Royal Puppies return from the North Pole.  Casting aside their putative sibling, Cub, and their Polar Bear foster mother, the puppies returned home to the loving arms of Comrade Kit.  In a statement to The Daily Shriek, Comrade Kit expressed her great delight that her weeks of pregnancy and hours of labor to build an army of revolutionaries were not all for naught. "If after all that work, I lost my army to the polar bears ... well, someone would have to pay for that!" growled Comrade Kit as she glared around presumably looking for a victim. Prince Slate was nowhere in sight, however.

TeaPot, the spokespup for the Royal Puppies, merely declared that the puppies were glad to be back where they belonged and kindly allowed her mother to kiss her royal white fanny.  "The diaper changes at the North Pole left much to be desired," she stated.

Cleaning the Royal TeaPot's hiney


In the face of rumors of high level misdoings in the Royal Puppies' brief trip to the North Pole, WayOut castle has issued the following statement:

WayOut Castle and His Royal Highness Prince Slate are delighted and relieved at the return of the puppies from the North Pole.  To those propagating the rumors of princely involvement in instigating the runaways, WayOut castle can only say Shame on the Daily Shriek for trying to drive a wedge between His Royal Highness Prince Slate and the mother of his puppies, Comrade Kit.

The Daily Shriek also spoke to Prince Slate who has vigorously denied all knowledge of  the Puppies' escapade to the North Pole. "I never spoke to them! I never told them what trains run north! I never gave any instructions to the train station!" insisted the prince vehemently. "I love my babies and would never mislead them!" he further stated. 

The good father: prince and heir

WayOut Castle issued this photograph of the Prince happily communing with his young son, TwoGun.  Far be it for The Shriek to report the rumors that not even the sweetest blandishments nor basest threats could coax the noble prince any closer to the helpless puppy.  Nor will The Shriek mention the report from an unnamed source close to the palace that Prince Slate was heard to cry out protestingly as he was forced to pose near young TwoGun the words: "No, no! Kit will kill me if she sees me by that thing!!! Take it away! It scares me!!"

The shame doesn't end at WayOut:
Need for Wet Nurse!

BAD MAMA!   In this Daily Shriek exclusive, photographer Pop Arrazi may just have found the reason that Comrade Kit needed to hire out a wet nurse (tentatively identified as Hello Kitty)!  The small revolutionary apparently has no idea how to feed the masses. Lofty ideals and grandioses plans are no substitute for practical how-to in the Daily Shriek's opinion.


The PA picks a favorite?

TwoGun sits


The Royal Family (click photo to see larger portrait)










Shriek Opinion:

Adjunct Editor Outraged

One has only to review the puppy archives to realize that it has only taken two short weeks for the Personal Attendant to join the indifferent mother in kicking the puppies to the curb.

She has gone from doting to distant. Her minute-by-minute journal has quickly been replaced by nothing more than a few snapshots with captions. Doubtless she will claim that she is working to pay for their extensive veterinary bills, but Prince Slate claims that he has not seen a "real" veterinarian on the property since their bith.

Even Comrade Kit, brought up in the School of Hard Knocks, believes that she and the puppies have been slighted. Yes, she growled, breast feeding has left her in less than svelte condition, but how dare the P.A. fail to include her photo in the weekly round up.

The Delicate Lady Tassel simply sucked on a succulent marrow bone and snickered at the sad turn of events.


Moving Day

Settling In

Yet Another Shriek Exclusive:

In between trips to the North Pole and quality time with wet nurse, Hello Kitty, the WayOut puppies have become involved in a new hobby - synchronized crawling.  In this Daily Shriek exclusive photograph, the WayOut puppies demonstrate their new skills in a classic pose known as Mirror Image.


In a WayOut Castle press release, the Royal Puppies have declared their career goals. 

Posey wants to be a show dog.

Posey posing

TinCup wants to be a cowdog.

TinCup -- high biter

TwoGun wants to be a Fairy Princess.

TwoGun dreams of fairy dust

TeaPot is still mulling over her career options.

TeaPot in career angst

His Royal Highness Prince Slate is said to be pleased with his children's decisiveness. Comrade Kit continues to insist on military school for all of them.

LEAD STORIES: Comrade Kit's shenanigans continue unabated
Hello Kitty takes a close look
Mid-week photos just in -- but where are the weekly photos?
Puppies exude 'awwwww' factor


Hello Kitty makes a connection,
DNA test in offing?

See below: Royal puppy Tincup refuses scheduled photo, but wetnurse Hello Kitty arranges for Shriek photographer to slip in quietly (left). The Japanese Times is covering the story.


Editor's note: Due to the furor that has arisen over Comrade Kit's travel poster and PlayDog negotiations, current pictures of the WayOut Puppies are unavailable. The Royal Family has secluded itself at an undisclosed location in Kentucky while they all work to get their stories straight. These pictures from mid-week will be exchanged for updated photos as soon as the Royal Family emerges from their retreat.


TinCup curiously refuses photo op: family shame?


Rubbermaid is said to be interested in pursuing more product placement opportunities with TwoGun.


Posey and Potty


Three Little Pigs


Comrade Kit Cuts a Caper

In yet another shocking Daily Shriek exclusive, photographer Pop Arrazi follows Comrade Kit as she abandons her children and heads to New Orleans.  "It isn't abandonment," claims the WayOut castle spokesperson. "Comrade Kit just needed a little break and felt that she would be a big hit at Mardi Gras this year. The Royal puppies did not even have a chance to notice her absence, and we were very careful to limit their television and Internet access so that no inappropriate pictures of their mother would reach their innocent eyes."


The Shriek has no doubt that the Royal puppies did not miss their mother as wet nurse Hello Kitty was there, as she has been from the start to pick up the revolutionary's slack. The Shriek persists in its opinion, however, that this is conduct unbecoming a royal mother.

Judge for yourself as photographer, Pop Arrazi, clicks a candid of the petty tyrant (right) as she prepares for her night on the town during the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans.



Investigative reporter Milo Muckracker has discovered a horrifying depiction of Comrade Kit blazoned across the walls of travel agents everywhere. 

Comrade Kit, in a prepared statement, told Shriek reporters that she did go to the Mardi Gras celebrations but at no time did she behave with such a shocking display of bad taste.  "I have never seen such a blatantly computer-generated poster being passed off as the genuine article by any news medium before, and I hope, after my suit against The Shriek for defamation of character is resolved, never to see such a thing again."

Management at The Daily Shriek offices stands firmly behind Muckracker and the authenticity of the poster.  Muckracker goes further and states that an unidentified source close to the Royal Family has revealed that Comrade Kit is currently in negotiations with PlayDog magazine for a photo shoot, and that opportunity has come about solely because of the publicity arising from the tourism poster. Further developments as they become available.


In new developments around WayOut castle, TwoGun has alarm barked when the Personal Attendant entered the room and TinCup was seen to wag her tail.  The Royal puppies, again showing a burst of creativity, have developed a new game where they take turns putting their mouths on the nose of a sibling and pulling. Due to the current lack of teeth, this game involves limited damage to the sibling and no puppies were injured in the taking of these pictures. Comrade Kit is said to be quite interested in these developments and in a statement to The Daily Shriek expressed cautious optimism that the puppies may, in time, become less responsibility and more fun.


In our continuing coverage of the puppies' career choices, TeaPot, sadly, has not yet reached a decision about what direction to take in her future.  "I would like to be a career eater," she admitted to Shriek reporters, "but ma says I must aim higher."  The short and stout puppy was heard to sigh heartrendingly after making this statement.


It is a constant sorrow to The Daily  Shriek that one cattle dog family can provide so much scandalous material.  In more new developments at WayOut castle, young TinCup has shown signs of developing a very bad attitude.  Photographer Pop Arrazi snapped this photo just before being run off the property.


In a response to a story in The Daily  Shriek critical of TinCup's attitude, WayOut Castle has released this photograph of TinCup posing with her brother TwoGun for immediate publication.


Posey, the smallest Royal puppy, wants it made clear that she is a good puppy and is in no way associated with sister TinCup's attitude nor sister TeaPot's career angst. Posey has a vision of her future and she will not be dragged down by family squabbles.

LEAD STORIES: Spawn of Pokémon? The intrigue deepens
NEWS BRIEFS:  Puppies groovin' on grass

Pokémon of the Week?

Investigation into the alleged connection between TinCup (far left) and an unidentified Pokémon (left) continues. The allegations were brought to light by wetnurse Hello Kitty who stumbled on the remarkable likeness at a convention.

DNA samples of Prince Slate, Comrade Kit and TinCup have all been submitted to the AKC for parentage verification. Comrade Kit denies any involvement with the Pokémon.


Putting the shame and scandal behind them, the WayOut puppies have returned from their retreat in Kentucky with fresh enthusiasm for the world. "I didn't even know there was a world before this trip," exclaimed TeaPot while her siblings nodded in agreement.

Eyewitness accounts in Kentucky state that the Personal Attendant's Illustrious Mother tried her hand at a new career as show handler but has been returned to the minor leagues for more training.

TeaPot struggles to maintain her composure.

TinCup valiantly attempts to play along



In a classic example of grandmotherly bias, Posey was elected favorite of the Illustrious Mother and given special treatment.

Topping off this adventurous weekend, the puppies were allowed to venture into the backyard upon their return home. This was considered a great success. Posey was heard to exclaim joyfully as she ran up and down and all around. "It is still rather cold and damp," opined TwoGun, "but the soccer ball is a wonderful new invention! It could perhaps be slightly improved upon by being fully inflated and a little smaller, however."

New world




The puppies' arrival home was greeted by two new additions to the WayOut flock. Pictured here is the winner of the Cutest Lamb In Seven Valleys contest as judged by The Daily Shriek.



TwoGun wishes to voice his dissent. He believes the contest to have been unfair due to the lack of effort on the part of the photographer to take pictures of the other lambs.



In an attempt to capitalize on product endorsements, Posey and Potty have tried to include multiple products. Their failure to pose cutely enough, however, has led to criticism from company sponsors.

Halo Emergency: Will the drama never end?
SHRIEK EDITORIAL: The sins of the mother
ROYAL REBUTTAL: WayOut Castle response termed testy, unnecessarily defensive

Halo gone missing:
Forgetful puppy or foul play?

In shocking new developments, Posey, Favorite of the Illustrious Mother, has been declared Evil by the Personal Attendant to the WayOut Court.  "The halo has definitely vanished," stated the Personal Attendant in an exclusive interview with The Daily Shriek.  "I don't know where it went. I know it was there last weekend because the Illustrious Mother thought she was so sweet. Now there is no trace of it and no one would call that demon thing sweet. They might call her a buzz saw or a scary monster but certainly not sweet."

Top religious officials have been contacted in an attempt to determine the composition of the halo. "If it is metal, we can just x-ray the puppies to find out who has eaten it. I definitely would like to get it back. Posey is hard to live with when she isn't wearing it," stated the Personal Attendant.

Police interviews with the other Royal Puppies have failed to identify the culprit. TeaPot, a prime suspect due to her strong food motivation, claims to not have a taste for halos. "I ate mine a while back but it gave me indigestion so I wouldn't eat another one," she insisted vigorously.  No suspicion could possibly fall on TwoGun as he is so exceptionally sweet and one has only to look in little TinCup's face to know she would never do wrong.

Police are currently looking into accidental loss of the halo either during the journey home from Kentucky or when the young Posey took an unauthorized walkabout into the duck enclosure.  "I rather think the duck episode occured after the halo was lost," worried the Personal Attendant. "But it could be that it fell off when she ran after them, or possibly when she went under the gate to get back to them after I removed her from their vicinity. Perhaps it caught on the fence and a hawk carried it off. Oh woe is me! I just wish it would be safely returned. No questions will be asked!"

A reward has been offered for information leading to the safe return of Posey's halo.

Comrade Kit sets a bad example.
Shriek editorial: The sins of the Mother

It is the considered opinion of The Daily Shriek that behavioral problems can be traced back to the parents. How can the sweet Royal Puppies have any chance of a normal life when their parents or, at least, their mother, runs amuck in the way Comrade Kit has been running amuck since her children were born. 

TinCup impersonates a platypus.



Consider the hiring of a wetnurse for the babies. While Hello Kitty seems to be doing a fine job, what were her references? Did anyone check? 



TeaPot practices her glamour look: Where is her fur rug?


Passing quickly over the episode of Comrade Kit's travels to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, is it any wonder that one of the first news items to hit the press regarding these poor innocent babes was their running off to the North Pole? We won't even hint at the rumor that Prince Slate was behind that little escapade but it looks badly for the WayOut family.



SENSELESS VIOLENCE TwoGun lashes out at sister TeaPot.


And now, as the Royal Puppies become old enough to act out in different ways, we see that sweet young Posey is already going through a delinquent stage. According to inside sources, she sasses her mother and harasses her siblings.  Darling Little TinCup has been reported to be dealing with the situation by unconventional costumes and body piercings while TeaPot seems to be following in her mother's shameless ways. TwoGun, while relatively sane, has been known to lash out at his sisters with violence. The Shriek is forced, sadly, to conclude that these puppies will come to no good end.


MARTYRED MOTHER Responding to criticism in regards to the hiring of wetnurse, Hello Kitty, WayOut Castle has released this photo of Comrade Kit and insists that she bears the brunt of nursing and cleaning the Royal Puppies. "Hello Kitty is just there to assist Comrade Kit in her duties," insisted the Castle Spokeswoman.

TinCup takes early lead as likely keeper; TeaPot a strong contender, however
                         Sentimental journ


TinCup takes early lead as likely keeper;
TeaPot a strong contender, however

In a shocking new discovery, TwoGun has brought it to the attention of his siblings that a monster lives under the chair in the WayOut castle sitting room. The Daily Shriek was there to snap this gruesome photograph of the monster.

Betting is running hot in Seven Valleys on which puppy will be staying at WayOut castle. The initial lead was held by TwoGun, then known as First on the Right, but once he was born and discovered to be male, his prospects sank dramatically. Rumor has it that a snickering kennel full of sled dogs awaits his arrival in New York. "We can't wait to meet the little guy who thinks he's tough and wants to be a fairy princess," an unidentified sled dog was quoted as saying.

Local bookies in Seven Valleys (population 493) say current odds are 3-1 in favor of TinCup. "She's been leading for quite a while," stated bookie Bette Offin. "There was a bobble in the odds when TeaPot and Posey chased the ducks at 4.5 weeks but since her early sheep results have come in, she has climbed back up near the top. It is a tight race between her and TeaPot, however. It is too close to call, in my estimation."

Dark horse Posey may still manage to steal the victory, say castle sources in an exclusive Daily Shriek interview.  "She's a plain face, no one can deny she doesn't have the glamorous good looks of her sisters but I think there is a lot to little Posey," stated the Personal Attendant to Prince Slate. "She has a lot of attitude and that has to count for something. I think given more exposure with the sheep, she will come to show what she is made out of."

TinCup has modified her future career choice and now wishes to do any type of bitework - not just on cows.

TwoGun and Posey demonstrate proper puppy play for a training video (aimed at delinquents like TinCup).

TeaPot refused to be included in this photo shoot due to a profound lack of desire to get far enough away from the photographer for the camera to focus.

Oddsmakers have written poor Posey off at 10-1 currently due to her lukewarm response to the sheep.  TinCup's odds surged from 5-1 to the current 3-1 after her first sheep exposure saw her galumphing boldly away from the Personal Attendant to the sheep and moving them along. TeaPot, however, has made rapid gains on TinCup's position and in her third sheep exposure managed to lift the sheep off their hay and appeared to want to go to the heads. Bookie Offin adds, "There is also the matter of those speckles on TeaPot. They will be hard to part with, you can be sure of that." She places odds on TeaPot currently at 4-1.

Seven Valley bookies agree that whichever puppy stays at WayOut castle, the next betting craze will be on whether or not the name of that puppy will be changed. Odds are currently running 50-1 against a change.

Sentimental journey

To celebrate attainment of the great age of 6 weeks, the puppies took a nostalgic tour back to the North Pole. The polar bear foster mother and foster sibling Cub were found to have moved on with their lives but the Royal puppies expressed no dismay at not seeing them again. "We never saw them last time either since our eyes weren't open. All I remember is a pungent odor of fish and seal meat. Cub was kind of mean to us too," stated Posey. "They are no great loss," agreed TinCup.


TwoGun, TinCup


TinCup, Posey

Potty breaks free from the pack

And certainly the most important news
of the week

The puppies also celebrated the great age of 6 weeks by being named - in preparation for their BAER testing next week.  A news release from WayOut castle declares that after much hair pulling and head scratching the puppies will be named:
TinCup:  WayOut's Flash In The Pan
TeaPot: WayOut's Hold The Matchless
Posey: WayOut's Strike It Rich
TwoGun: WayOut's TwoGun Kid


Semi-Formal Pictures

Monster Under Chair Attacks Royal Puppies!
Betting Update
Names Revisited

The Royals Strike a Pose on Their Terms

Officials at WayOut castle have released the news that all four of the Royal puppies have tested BAER bilateral normal hearing. The puppies celebrated with a growth spurt.

Officials have also released the following semi-formal pictures of the puppies at 7 weeks. In an exclusive statement to The Daily Shriek, Prince Slate's Personal Attendant thanked puppy stacker Lee of Spring Grove, PA, and went on at great length about the formerly unknown horrors of trying to get puppies to hold still for decent photos. "All this wouldn't be an issue if they would just pose themselves outside facing the right direction!" she stated.




Once let loose, things start to fall apart ...

Except, of course, for the current favorite Posey

Semi-professional mud wrestling: TinCup and Posey get down and dirty in the mud pit -- demonstrating the reason behind the difficulty in maintaining the color of the off-white carpet in the house.

TwoGun demonstrates the difficulty of maintaining good photographic technique when attempting to take pictures of 7-week-old puppies.

TeaPot wonders where her next meal is coming from.

TinCup recovers from the traumas of the day.

WayOut Castle is pleased to announce that even the rather oversized ears of TwoGun are beginning to show some lift.

The photo session is called on account of mass mayhem
as everyone wants to get involved in the game.

Monster Under Chair Attacks Royal Puppies!


In a scene reminscent of a horror movie, the Royal puppies were attacked by the ferocious Monster Under The Chair. Having caught the Monster out of its hiding place, the alarm was sounded by TwoGun and all the Royal puppies rushed to help him corner the beast.  First to leap headfirst into the fray was Little Posey who daringly leapt in and out of range of the beast while her siblings taunted it from the sides. Alas! Before the overmatched puppies could be rescued, Posey slightly misjudged the reach of the creature and the sharpness of its claws. A plaintive Yi Yi Yi Yi arose as the injured Posey turned tail and headed out of the fray.

A careful exam by WayOut castle's resident medical director determined the injury to the eye to be superficial and Posey was coddled and made much of for the rest of the evening while her siblings watched in envy.

Betting Update

Oddsmaker Bette Offin of Seven Valleys, PA, is rumored to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown trying to keep up with the wildly fluctuating betting on which puppy will remain at WayOut castle. "Up til three days ago, I would have said TinCup was a shoe-in," stated Offin. "But Posey has busted the game wide open with her newly awakened interest in the sheep. Rumor has it that she has shot past both TeaPot and TinCup to first place!"

A statement from WayOut confirmed Offin's rumor and went on to state that currently officials are considering the impact of keeping two puppies for an unspecified length of time for further evaluation. During a consultation, Prince Slate's tutor, Lee of Spring Grove, PA, declared the Little TeaPot to be both short and stout but did not think much of the idea of pouring her out at this time. Palace insiders state that the Personal Attendant is excessively greedy and wants to keep all the puppies but is currently in counseling to try to come to terms with the need to let go.  More updates as they become available.

Names Revisited

The current state of indecision reigning at WayOut castle pervades all aspects of normal life. At a hastily summoned press conference, the WayOut spokeswoman read a prepared statement retracting Posey's assigned name from last week, Strike It Rich, and declaring that her registered name will now be WayOut's All Hat No Cattle.

     Lead Story: Posey, TeaPot to stay
     A Shriek Pictorial: Pinko-Commie Training Camp

T W O   M A K E   T H E   C U T

WayOut Castle has announced that Posey and TeaPot will be staying for an unspecified amount of time.  TinCup, when told that she was being cut from the team, took the news in good spirits. "Who wants to live with them anyway," she said. "I could have stayed but I didn't want to, so there." She is rumored to be headed to New Jersey.

Posey, TeaPot, courtesy of the Shriek archives.

When asked what determined this decision, Prince Slate's Personal Attendant stated, "It was all in the sheep outings. Posey just gave me a little more umph when push came to shove. It's a tough business and we will all be very sad to see TinCup go. Potty is going to stay on for a while. She may yet be able to give Posey a run for her money. She's a big girl and has more of the size this team is looking for but she will have to turn it up on the sheep if she expects to stay."  When questioned, TeaPot stated, "I am certain I will be able to prove myself later, I am just hungry all the time now so it is hard to concentrate. That little one has an unfair advantage but I think I will be able to catch that Posey in the stretch."

Comrade Kit swears in the new recruits
and urges them on to greatness.

The Daily Shriek was able to speak briefly to Posey about the news.  "I know I'm not the prettiest," she stated humbly, "but after studying the scenario, I realized that it would take more than beauty to get the part so I concentrated on my strengths instead of my weaknesses. I am not going to relax now though. I still have to get rid of that big lump, Potty, before I can settle in to helping my mother rule this place."

TwoGun was there to offer his congratulations and sympathies to his sisters. He is greatly looking forward to his departure from the land of too many bitches and going to the north. "Even snickering sleddogs can't be as bad as three evil sisters, a mother and a step-aunt," he stated. The Shriek wishes all the contestants luck in their future endeavours.


Kit shows the puppies how proper
fence-fighting is done.


A frightening picture for anyone not supporting the revolution! TinCup declaims on the stump while her thugs prowl below. (Not for the faint of heart, take note of the trodden remains of a dissident in the larger photo.)


Being the only boy means that TwoGun
is the perpetual victim.


TinCup and Posey practice their
self defense homework.


What you get when you sing "I want a
hippopotamus for Christmas" too frequently
while your bitch is in whelp.

Just another idyllic day in the countryside with Comrade Kit
overseeing the children's lesssons.

     A Shriek Pictorial: Puppies Prove Genetic Makeup
 Like It or Lump It: Name Change Official

Spaces still available in Comrade Kit's Camp for Kids:     
Click for details     

S C A N D A L   R O C K S   P A L A C E !

His Royal Highness Prince Slate was arrested early Saturday morning on charges of selling his children on the streets of Seven Valleys. Disguised as a duck, he was apprehended by police officers who became suspicious of his quack. When searched, he had a large sum of cash and puppies tied by strings around their necks.

"It was horrifying! That a father would allegedly do such a thing to his own children ... I don't know if I will ever recover from the sight," said police officer Goata Jale. "Those poor puppies," she continued. "They were obviously not even leash trained yet."

Sadly only two puppies have been recovered and returned to their mother. Police are still searching for TinCup and TwoGun in the seamy underworld of Seven Valleys, PA. "It breaks my heart to think of those poor puppies out there alone in the world," sniffed Officer Jale. "I will do everything in my power to see that justice is done."

The puppies' mother Comrade Kit was reported to be unmoved by the story.  Officers on the scene said she seemed more interested in the amount of money found on Prince Slate than the fate of her missing children. "Is there enough to get me to CowCamp this April?" was her only comment.

Final Puppies On Stock Results Are In
The Personal Attendant tempted fate to make her regret her decision to keep Posey and Potty-Thing (see story below) by taking all the puppies out for one last shot at the sheep and ducks before the abrupt disappearance of TinCup and TwoGun. Fate was kind though and confirmed what had been seen previously: Posey, the puppy widely condemned as Evil, shows the most working potential at this stage followed by Potty-Thing and Tincup (now Tiva) with the widdle man, TwoGun, now Celt, doing his own thing at his own speed. 

All the puppies have had the same amount of time with the sheep and the situation has been carefully monitored as much as possible to avoid any puppy being frightened. Things move very quickly in the round pen and the puppies don't have very good recalls at this point so there were some heart in mouth moments but all puppies survived unscathed and ready for another round.

Posey spent the first week of stock exposure, starting at 5.5 weeks of age, completely uninterested but after the first week or so, she suddenly woke up and has been very consistently the leader since then. TeaPot has been off and on, she started slow, then was good, then was slow and now is back to good. Tincup/Tiva was very consistently interested from the start but is just a bit softer and less intense than her sisters. Twoey is still building in interest but is a watchful, thoughtful puppy.

WayOut castle thanks Maja Young for practicing her wonderful photography skills on the puppies.















All photos byMaja Young




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