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Current Litters

There are no current litters at WayOut.

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Planned Litters
Contact Rebecca for information about possible upcoming litters.
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Former Litters
Ches x Sticky (2012) Pipefitter x Briar (2009)
Shmoo x Gussie (2009)
Spec x Kit 2 (2008) Coy x Briar (2008) Spec x Kit (2006)
Slate x Kit (2005)    
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Breeding Philosophy
The goal of the WayOut breeding program is to produce healthy, athletic, talented puppies that work and conform to the written standard for the Australian cattle dog and are loveable dogs. (http://www.acdca.org/acd_breed_standards.html).

Given that the more items one is selecting for in breeding, the smaller the selection pressure is on each item (and therefore the slower the progress made), not every breeding will be equally focused on every item and compromises must be made. The goal is that the trend over time is toward overall consistency along with continual improvement. Items considered "more important" will be given higher priority in making breeding decisions. As all items are important, this is a very subjective assessment and decision-making process and is why breeding programs of different people can produce very different styles of dogs. Theoretically, we are all working toward the same goals with different materials, different priorities and different visions of how to get there.

Herding is a high priority for breeding at WayOut — specifically moving cattle. An excellent sheep or duck dog is not automatically an excellent cattle dog. There are many breeds that can work sheep and ducks very successfully. The Australian Cattle Dog's original function is to work cattle and, therefore, this is a dog that should not be unwilling to stand up to a challenge and push on things that need pushing. For more information on herding, visit the Athletics Department.

Not every puppy will be equally suited for the same task even within the same litter. There are always variations in talent and temperament as well as looks and drives within even the most consistent of litters. At WayOut, each puppy is loved and played with and evaluated as s/he develops and grows. Placement decisions are made based on the experience and personality of the home along with desired function for the puppy and the drives and temperaments of the puppies in the hopes of making the best match to get the right puppy to the right home.

For answers to specific questions about the agenda and goals behind any past, present or future breeding, please contact Rebecca for more information.
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