Puppies whelped May 28, 2009

WayOut's Piping Hot, PT

prcd clear
PennHip 0.41/0.45
OFA Good
OFA Elbows Normal
BAER Normal

Bendigo A Speck Naughty

obligate prcd carrier
PennHip 0.38/0.38
OFA Good
OFA Elbows Normal
BAER Normal
CERF 2008

The puppies grow up

Sticker, aka WayOut's Dancing Barefoot, remains at WayOut.

All the other puppies are now in their new homes.

Sting (formerly Pickle)
WayOut's I'll Be Watching Ewe

Gater (formerly Pine Sap)
WayOut's Don't Fence Me In

Spackle (formerly Spackle)
WayOut's Shoulda Been A Cowboy

Graupel (formerly Can Of Peas)
WayOut's Goodbye Blue Sky

Reggie (formerly Hiccup)
WayOut's Reginald

July 22: Good news!

The puppies took a road trip to New York State and all the puppies passed their BAER hearing test with bilateral hearing and promptly stopped listening to anything they were told in consequence.

The puppies were stacked and lugged around and dipped in wading pools and generally manhandled by the resident five year old but bore up well under the strain.

They were somewhat startled to discover that they had a black and white fuzzy sibling but accepted him without further question.

Sticker and Hiccup

The Godzilla-like Pickle Monster went to his new home in New York. All the residents of Pennsylvania breathed a sigh of relief that the Pickle Monster would no longer be terrorizing the bucolic countryside around the WayOut estate.

Pine Sap was rather uncooperative.


Can of Peas

* *

July 15: The exalted grandmother steps in

Can of Peas plays deaf when he is called to come inside. "What's that?" he says. "I can't hear you!" And he puts his paw to his ear to try to hear better. Strangely he can hear just fine when it comes to the door opening to go outside.

Hiccup has heard rumors that red dogs are generally very bad dogs so he has been practicing his angelic look. "I want to change the public's perception about reds. I think we are far superior and those blue dogs could learn a lot by watching us and modeling their behavior after ours."

The Godzilla-like Pickle Monster has grown so large that he no longer fits in a single camera frame. The Shriek has heard rumors that the other inhabitants of the WayOut Estate plan to paint him green and charge admission to see him. The Pickle Monster only growled and rolled around on his back (sadly, smashing several small towns in the process) when asked to comment on these plans.

Pine Sap has spent the last few days bonding with his grandmother Comrade Kit and following a correspondence course of ear exercises. Sadly, only one ear appears to be benefiting from his new exercise program.

Spackle has also spent some time bonding with Grandmother Kit and contemplating the meaning of life. He finds it quite perplexing.

Sticker has had the busiest week as she continues to practice biting. "Everything that can be seen, can be bitten," she told the Shriek categorically. "Brothers are the most rewarding, however, as they scream pathetically and wiggle so I have to bite them again and again." 

After a delightful round of biting everything she sees, Sticker poses sweetly to fool the masses. "It is hard to bite things if they distrust me and won't let me near so I must practice looking sweet to allay their suspicions. Otherwise I would never stoop to making such cutsey faces," she sneered.

The exalted grandmother Comrade Kit instructs the children in proper discipline and comportment, important early lessons any recruit must master before attending her Camp for Kids.

* *

Happy 4th!

Shocking Drama! Puppies Stalk and Attack Father!





In an unprecedented turn of events, the WayOut puppies have turned against their own father!  For unknown reasons, the puppies were captured on film stalking and taking down their beloved papa Pipefitter. An anonymous source close to Briar opined that the puppies were playing revolution games dictated by their Esteemed Grandmother Comrade Kit but no independent sources could confirm this.  As of this time, the Shriek has not been able to determine how severely Pipefitter was injured in the attacks.














Swamp Thing Terrorizes
WayOut Compound!





Police were summoned late yesterday afternoon to the WayOut Compound after an incoherent phone call originating from that location. Sheriff Pine Sap was dispatched to the scene and found a terrorized populace cowering in fear after a reported Swamp Thing had been seen crawling its way out of the muck. Never one to quail in the face of danger, Sheriff Pine Sap searched unsuccessfully for the rumored Swamp Thing.  He checked its purported den, He put on a wet suit and searched the swamp but he found nothing!  After soothing the fears of the citizens, he rode off into the sunset.

Shortly thereafter, The Shriek was able to take these exclusive photos of The Swamp Thing emerging and attacking innocent civilians! 

When confronted with the photos, Sheriff Pine Sap promised a full investigation.
























Pickle-Godzilla Rampages









As if the rumors of a Swamp Thing were not enough for the population of WayOut to deal with, recent reports suggest that a Godzilla-like Pickle monster is also rampaging on the property. The Shriek was there to catch this remarkable series of photographs!






















Hiccup chills







With all the drama going on around him, there is little left for Hiccup to do but dodge around, look sweet and take a nap.





















No Time to Feel Satisfied






Can of Peas aka Charles celebrated his one precocious ear up until the point when Godzilla Pickle attacked him and stole his toy.



















Practice Makes Perfect






Sticker practices her innocent look for three hours each day in front of the mirror. "This is crucial to getting out of trouble," she stated to a Shriek reporter. "I read about it in my grandmother's book!"  After putting in an intense practice session, she lets her hair down and wishes her Aunt Frost to take note of her bitework. "I have the leg bite down," she remarked. "But my mouth isn't quite big enough yet for the arm bite."

















* *


July 1: Puppies grow, stack and play

Can of Peas - aka Charles, above and below

Hiccup, above and below

Hiccup and Mom, above

Pickle stacks, above and below

Pine Sap stacks, above and below

Spackle stacks, above and below left; below right, Spackle and Can of Peas aka Charles

Sticker stacks, above and below

* *

June 21

Celebrity Shocker!

As predicted, right, Celebutante Briar has turned on her puppies! The Shriek knew this facade of loving maternal behavior could not and would not last and The Shriek was RIGHT!  The Shriek was also THERE to record these horrific exclusive photos of a Mother Gone Bad.

Briar slithers out from her hiding spot behind the laundry basket smothering two puppies as she reaches for the others who cry and try to run away from her! Where is the sixth puppy? Assuredly he was already swallowed!!  Where oh where are the puppy protective services when you need them?!

In this last known photo of Can of Peas, below, his mother lunges at his throat as the rest of the puppies cower away in terror!

Instead of nurturing and assisting poor little Pickle, left, as he learns to walk, his mother ruthlessly topples him over! The Shriek noticed she also cruelly laughed as he fell!









As their mother lays waste to the countryside, One Brave Puppy steps up to Resist her attacks!  Brave Spackle, below, though barely weighing three pounds and only three weeks of age, rises up to resist tyranny and senseless cruelty in all its forms - showing himself a true grandson of the Great And Powerful Comrade Kit, Ruler Of All She Surveys And She Better Not Catch Briar Being Mean To Her Grandchildren Or Heads Will Roll.

While Brave Spackle battles it out with their mother, a few of the other puppies took some time away from home to get their glamour shots done. "It is never too early to find an agent and start to line up some bookings," cooed Sticker, right, as she batted her long eyelashes. "Besides, this kind of cute only lasts for a few weeks!"







Pickle, left, also interviewed agents and began to work on his portfolio. "It is unfortunate that we must all hit the market at the same time due to a remarkable similarity in ages. I believe I am competitive, however, with my sister and brothers and expect to land a few gigs soon." Sadly, unbeknownst to the wee Pickle puppy, his sister was sabotaging his efforts even as he spoke as she lurked in the background and made faces at the camera.

Hiccup, below, assisted his brother Spackle in subduing their fierce mother. "Really it was mostly my efforts that brought her down," he was later heard to crow. "Spackle just showed up afterwards and hogged all the credit. Really, it was me!" he squeaked as sincerely as he could manage while lying through his teeth.

Later, right, he attempts to strike a pose without falling over and was successful for almost one full second!










Can of Peas, left, was so upset by his near death experience at the jaws of his rampaging mother that he hurried right out and signed a book deal and hired a ghostwriter.

Pine Sap, below, also sparred briefly with his mother before deserting his brothers. "So sorry!" he muttered as he hurried off. "I am late for my photo shoot! Good luck and good bye!"


Not one to be left behind for anything, Spackle, right, also found time to have a photo shoot for his portfolio. "After fighting evil, signing autographs and jetting around the country to do inspirational speaking, I find a photo shoot to be very relaxing," he stated. 










When he was later discovered napping with his mother, above left, and the whole Spack Attack a mere staged event, naturally his contract and all his speaking engagements were canceled. "At least I still have my family," he whimpered.

* *


June 14

"Oh ho," thinks Spackle, below. "I can see now and I had best look around and see what kind of trouble is available to me. Hmmmmmm. My scope is too narrow here but what about just over this mountain? Hmmmm, it looks Very Promising out there!"





At left, Pine Sap, Spackle and Sticker consider the options. "Do we stay or do we go?"







"You want me to wake up? Talk to the paws," says Pine Sap, right. "I need my beauty sleep so I can look fresh when I climb the wall tomorrow!"





In this Shriek Exclusive, it has been determined that Hiccup, below left, is a mama's boy and Can of Peas, hiney only shown, has a mottled butt. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.  Hiccup, below right, had no comment when questioned on the matter.




Sticker, right, feels that her siblings are being shorted in the news reports this week.

"Perhaps it is because we are still mostly angelic yet it is obvious to all that trouble is soon coming. This may be the calm before the storm. The question is: Do I allow it to continue or do I start the storm now? I will decide after this nap."






Pickle, left, is not at all hesitant to express his opinions on all subjects - even ones he is not yet familiar with. 

He reads the newspaper each day and ponders everything very briefly before he starts spouting off opinions: "My bed is too cold! My bed is too warm! My belly is too empty! My belly is too full! I am bored! Are we there yet? Spackle is biting me! I am going to tell!"



Can of Peas
(below left and right) has not let his obvious star quality affect his attitude towards his lesser siblings. "I know I am the most mottled puppy in the litter but I couldn't have gotten where I am today without the help of my parents and siblings. At least, they paid me to say that and they just hope I don't forget them when I am a big and glamorous movie star! 

"The only one who can even begin to hold a small, puny candle to me is Spackle and I think I will take him out one day when he is sleeping so he can't possibly pass me in the mottle count."


* *

June 7

Puppies miraculously found clean! 


Briar returned from her daily saunter around the gardens to find the babies quiet and clean when she had been expecting to have to change everyone's diaper!

Was it the Brownies? Is her house infested with Gremlins? How could the puppies be clean?? 

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Briar shrugged her shoulders and took a nap.  The Shriek, however, is not so easily satisfied. 

Setting up a trip wire and a camera, we were able to obtain this exclusive photo of Tasselina Jolie sneaking in and changing the diapers on the babies!  Will this obsession never end???



The Shriek is very saddened to report that due to unrepentantly bad behavior, some of the puppies have already had to be bucketed. Pictured here are the hoodlums pickle (left), sticker and hiccup.






Asked later about her bucketing experience, Sticker referred reporters to her lawyer. "Someone's going to pay for this," she was heard muttering as she squirmed away.








Sick of always being forgotten, Spackle has vowed to live a life of high crime and adventure! "I will show them that I am not to be taken for granted merely because I look like Pine Sap on one side and Sticker on the other! I am a unique individual and one day they will all be sorry they made fun of me!"






One sad and unspeckled puppy seeks the milk bar in vain. "There seems to be a large roadblock in the way. They must be doing some construction here. I will try again later."




Happiness for all as the milk bar is open for business.






Hiccup starts to see the light and promises to be a good puppy from now on.




Can Of Peas, pine sap





Can Of Peas has some difficulty in finding the milk bar. "It would be easier if I could get this big backpack off my shoulders," he complained. "I just woke up to find it there. What does a puppy my age need with a backpack anyway?"  Pine Sap chuckled quietly to himself as he was carried along.








Pickle contemplates the grave injustice of the world. "Even the Royal Purple cushion does not make up for the bucket experience," he asserted. "Nice try, though."




* *

Day Two

Celebutante Briar remains secluded in her sprawling mansion with her new brood of six children. All reports so far dug up by the Daily Shriek seem to imply that she is a caring and devoted mother. In the opinion of this reporter, the scandalous truth will soon be uncovered.  Daily Shriek photographers are stationed at all entrances to the property and a helicopter flies above 24/7. When Briar slips up, as slip up she must, the Shriek will be there!

Today's big news is another visit by Tasselina Jolie. Tasselina has repeatedly been refused entrance by Briar's armed staff but she persists in knocking at the door. "I want to see the babies," she sighs piteously. "I want to touch them with my nose and walk gently amongst them. I promise not to steal one, really. Just let me in! They smell so strange! I want to look!" 

The security guards have taken to slamming the door in her face but it does not deter her repeated efforts to get in.  The Shriek has received a tip from an anonymous worker at the Briar estate that when Briar was out for a brief stroll outside, Tasselina did manage to slip in amongst the puppies and walk gently up and down with them and touch them with her nose but she was quickly discovered by security and firmly escorted out of the nursery.

Even as your Shriek Investigator types this report, however, she is back at the door scratching to come in. There was no comment from Briar's spokesperson.

Shriek Exclusive!

Favoritism!!  Danger!!!

Briar's little Sticker is cuddled close to Briar's head in a clear demonstration of favoritism occurring, to the horror of this reporter, barely 24 hours after the birth of the puppies!

Is it because Sticker is the only girl?

Is it because her heart is 10 times too evil? Is it genetic material from Grandmother Comrade Kit already bursting out and leading to a revolution?  Is the diminutive Sticker already starting to direct the actions of her mother and siblings? 

Where will it end?





In a dramatic about face, Pickle is allowed to climb all over even to unsafe heights while Sticker is kissed and cuddled and held tight by her mother. 

Will Pickle even manage to survive his first week?

The Shriek stands by with cameras at the ready to capture his dramatic tumble for its loyal readers!







Can of Peas finds the reappearance of the Green Alien Creature to be so last year. "Can we please update the toys around here?" he demands plaintively.

"And what is with my name? Can't I be Dweezil instead?"








Briar poses artistically for her official portrait. "I like the emphasis on the poopy butt and my tired gaze," she states.

"To me, that epitomizes motherhood."







Hiccup mulls the question:  "A five letter word for cattle herding dog.... heeler? Too long. Queensland.. too long... ACD.. too short... What can it be??? I must know this!!"

His shame is so immense when he later discovers the answer to be "corgi" that he cannot show his face.








Spackle briefly shows off his speckled nose and then firmly turns his back on the photographer.










Not even promises of candy could convince him to turn around again.








"Oooooh," says Pine Sap wearily. "The scary green monster. Wooooo, it's going to get me."

Sarcasm drips from his tiny little squeak.


* *







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