Ch.* WayOut's Piping Hot, HSAs, STDs,d


AOM Ch. Kuawarri N CWest Spectacular x
Kuawarri Go To Ground, HXAs,c

BRED BY: Rebecca Elder

DOB 10/23/06


PRCD Pattern A, clear
BAER normal
Left 0.45/Right 0.41
OFA Hips Good,
OFA Elbows Normal

Dentition: Missing three

* (AKC, UKC and IABCA International Champion)


Really enjoyed your visit to California!! Hope to see you again soon! Call me!!! xoxo, Mako

SUPERLATIVE: Voted "Most Likely To Break Someone's Nose" for three consecutive years! A school record!

One of Comrade Kit's most gregarious students, Pipefitter aka Pipey is always to be found where the action is. In fact, he's a walking party complete with confetti and a marching band. Don't let that exuberantly bouncy exterior fool you, however, he's also a serious worker and skilled revolutionary operative. OK, he's not really a serious worker; he's a very happy worker. To those that know him, he is the dog who has never had a bad day and probably never will. Is that really a bad thing?

* *
Miss you! Come back to Texas soon!! xoxo, Rowan * *

Pipey spent a semester abroad in Texas where he studied conformation under the tutelage of Jo Lynne York, finishing his UKC, IABCA International Championships and his AKC Ch. (with three majors) during his time there. He has now returned to Pennsylvania to resume study of his first love - herding.

* *
New York isn't really that far away! Come up for a weekend sometime. Soon! xoxo, Briar * ** *