Ch. Corral West Oh Be Joyful

Ch. Kuawarri N CWest A Cinch Win, HSAs x
Kuawarri Spectacular Kewl Kippie

BRED BY: Sherri Toft-Mayo

DOB 11/26/07


PRCD pattern A
BAER normal
Full dentition
OFA Hips Good
OFA Elbows Normal
Left 0.45/Right 0.35
CHIC 62967


I hate u. If u jump at my wndw agin, I will bite u. -- Gussie

Lark is a cousin from the wrong side of the tracks (Colorado, to be precise). After worming her way into Comrade Kit's College under false pretenses of submission and studiousness, she has let her true colors creep out in recent months during which she has developed an independent study program on Zen and the Art of Livestock. Majoring in Peace And Livestock Studies (PALS) with a minor in Human Manipulation, Lark fully anticipates graduating at the top of her class. She frequently communes with the sheep in the pasture and is a strong advocate for interspecies trust and peace.

Hey, girlfriend, let's go chase boys after class today, ok? -- Caboose

Frequently considered unflappable, Lark is a gentle soul who would be very happy if no one ever heeled her again. Voted Most Tolerant by her professors and classmates, Lark snickers quietly off to the side and bides her time while keeping a strict log of offenses against her in her diary. One day, the Revolution will come, she writes, and I know who will be first against the wall!

We are not amused. -- Comrade Kit