Ch. WayOut's Grin Without a Cat


AOM Ch. Kuawarri N CWest Spectacular x
Kuawarri Go To Ground, HXAs,c

BRED BY: Rebecca Elder

DOB 1/05/08


PRCD Pattern B, carrier
BAER Normal
Left 0.35/Right 0.26
OFA Good
OFA Elbows Nrmal
Dentition: Missing 6
CHIC 63891


Voted Most Likable

Everyone's darling, Ches combines a wide-eyed, simple "gee wilkers" outlook (which prompted his nickname Ches Wilkers) with athletic talent and good looks. Always ready to either bring in the cows or help an old lady across the street, Ches combines the trustworthiness of a boy scout with the flamboyance of a true revolutionary.

You remind me of someone really cool... me! LOL! xoxo Two

A flashy dresser, Ches frequently wows the campus with his brilliant white tail and sparkling speckles. Indeed, the question of whether he is speckled or mottled frequently keeps lovestruck co-eds awake at night.

Captain of the Junior Varsity Cattle Team, Ches has received offers of scholarships from competing schools but has chosen to remain faithful to his alma mater and vigorously denies rumors that it is only threats from his mama, Comrade Kit, and sister, Caboose, that keep him there.

Don't you go out there and buy any bridges! And like I told you last time: Don't trade the old cow again for any worthless beans! They are not magic! - Comrade Kit