Ches x Sticky Litter
Five boys, one girl born via c-section on June 17, 2012

Ch. WayOut's Grin Without A Cat
CHIC | PennHIP 0.35/0.26
OFA Good, Elbows Normal
prcd Carrier
BAER Normal
CERF | OFFA link

WayOut's Dancing Barefoot
PennHIP 0.43/0.38
OFA Good, Elbows Normal
prcd Carrier
BAER normal
OFFA link

Moomintroll (WayOut's Starry Night)

Sorry-oo is now Halo (WayOut's Tarnished Halo)

MacDuff is now Patton (WayOut's Something Wicked)

Too-ticky is now Cowboy (WayOut's Once In A Blue Moon Cowboy)

Groke is now Dar (WayOut's Sticky's Darling Blue Girl)

Hemulen is now Pokey (WayOut's Sharp Stick)

Week One: June 18 | June 20 Week Two: June 28 Week Three: July 8
Week Four: July 12 Week Five: July 20 Week Six: July 30

June 18, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Sticky who had six puppies. As Sticky took a morning stroll one day, she met an old woman begging for alms. "Away with you, stranger," said Sticky. "I have no alms to spare. I must give them all to my children!"

Then the stranger threw off her rags and turned into a witch. "Since you are selfish and will share no alms with me, I put a curse on you and your children!"

There was a flash of light and a puff of smoke and Sticky and her puppies found themselves in an unknown land.


"Woe is me!" cried Sticky. "How will I provide for all these puppies in an unknown land?"

"Never fear, mother," said one of her bold puppies. "We will find our father and break the curse!"

Cast of Brave Puppies (click for bigger photos)

Groke I like eating water ices!

Hemulen I like stamp collecting!

Moomintroll I like butterflies and astronomy!

Too-Ticky I like race cars!

Sorry-oo I like monsters!

MacDuff I like Scotland!

* *

June 20, 2012

The Blue Rabbit advises Moomintroll.

"I will journey to the Blue Rabbit," said Moomintroll, "and ask the Blue Rabbit how to break the curse." So Moomintroll journeyed a long way for many minutes until he came to the Blue Rabbit. "Oh, Blue Rabbit," he cried. "How do I break the curse that keeps me and my family in this Unknown Land?"

The Blue Rabbit said, "First you must all be strong. When you understand strength, return to me and I will tell you how to break the curse."

      Sorry-oo runs nimbly over a       gigantic hill.

Moomintroll journeyed a long way for many minutes until he returned home to his family. When he told them the words of the Blue Rabbit, they sat around perplexed. "I thought we were strong already," said Sorry-oo as he pulled his tiny body over a big hill by sheer will and the strength of his little front arms.

Hemulen pushed and pushed but
could not move the wall.

"I will show you strength!" cried Hemulen and he set himself to push over a mighty wall. He pushed and pushed and pushed but the wall did not budge.

      Together, the puppies knocked       over the wall.

"Alas," sighed their mother. "We do not have enough strength and the curse will never be broken." "No, no, mother!" cried her children. "We will not fail you!" they said and they all put their shoulders to the wall and with much pushing and shoving, they were able to knock the wall over!

Hemulen consoles his mother.

"I understand!" said Moomintroll. "Alone we are not strong but together we can push down a wall! I will return to the Blue Rabbit and he will tell me how to break the curse!"

Hemulen stayed behind to comfort his sad

* *